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Spring Course: Global Health, Relief, Development, and Religions & Non-Religions NGOs

Spring Semester 2013
Global Health, Relief, Development and Religious & Non-Religious NGOs
PubH 6807, 3 Cr (#57508)
Wednesdays, 5:40-8:30 pm, 1/23-5/15 Instructor: Kirk C. Allison, PhD, MS

Open to all Academic Health Center, Graduate, and Professional students (interested others, including advanced undergraduates, may contact instructor).
We explore intersections of global health, relief, and development; roles and relationships between (inter)governmental agencies and NGOs in humanitarian response, development and social welfare generation; NGOs with diverse philosophical and religious groundings, frameworks and models of operation. Intersections of culture, philosophic and confessional content, convergences, conflicts, and interagency relationships, and unintended consequences are critically explored. Guest speakers illuminate specific contexts.

Global health & development • Emergence of humanitarianism • Human rights and humanitarianism • Response contexts: disasters; conflicts; HIV/AIDS, TB & malaria • Military humanitarianism • Local & non-local actors • Relief & development via Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Secularism...

This course counts toward the Global Health Interdisciplinary Concentration, Masters of Development Practice, and Graduate Human Rights Minor.

For additional information contact instructor at alli0001@umn.edu or 612-626-6559. Enroll via www.onestop.umn. A course link is also at: www.phrh.umn.edu.

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