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Do No Harm Training Course for Practitioners, May 13-17 in Barcelona

The Do No Harm Program has been a leader in conflict sensitive tools and techniques since the mid-1990s. The aim of the program is to develop practical methods for addressing the impacts of assistance on a conflict of context, and to help practitioners consider the unintended negative impacts of their well-intended work. The Program's keystone tool, the Do No Harm Framework for Analyzing the Impact of Aid on Conflict, is a leading methodology for conflict sensitivity. It has been widely incorporated by aid organizations working in the fields of development, humanitarian response, and peacebuilding.

Objectives: The primary objective of "Do No Harm Training Course for Practitioners" is to move beyond learning the concepts of Do No Harm to applying the tool. One of the key elements in overcoming the learning-doing gap is confidence. The Do No Harm Training Course for Practitioners will give participants experience applying the tools to real world scenarios in order to build that confidence.

Other goals of the "Do No Harm Training for Practitioners" are:

1. To give practitioners an understanding of the concepts of the Do No Harm Frameworks:

The Context of Conflict
Dividers and Connectors
Understanding the Aid Program and its Elements
Actions, Behaviors, and their Consequences
Impact Analysis
Generating Options

2. To introduce and orient practitioners to the dynamics of a context of conflict and the interplay of those dynamics as presented in the Do No Harm Relationship Framework.

3. To prepare practitioners in the implementation of conflict sensitivity via the Do No Harm Action Framework.

4. To give practitioners practice applying these frameworks and techniques to their own contexts.

Cost and Location Information: The training will be held in Barcelona, Spain, May 13-17, 2013. The price for the 5-day training is 1400 Euros. This fee includes accommodation at a hotel in an individual room, all meals and all course materials. It does not include the cost of traveling to Barcelona. Payment arrangement information will be included in acceptance letters after receiving your application. The training will be held in English.

How to apply: Please submit your Curriculum Vitae and the completed application form to the training team at ngoddard(at)cdainc.com with cc. to bcncentrepau(at)bcn.cat. Application deadline is April 1.

Organised by: The Barcelona International Peace Resource Center (BIPRC) jointly with CDA Collaborative Learning Projects (CDA).

This material cross posted from the Peace & Collaborative Development Network.

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