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Introducing Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University

The Global Development And Environment Institute (GDAE - pronounced "gee-day") was founded in 1993 to combine the research and curricular development activities of two Tufts programs: the Program for Sustainable Change and Development in the School of Arts and Sciences (directed by economist, Neva Goodwin), and the Center for Environmental and Resource Policy at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Directed by William Moomaw, a chemist and environmental policy specialist). The combination creates a center of expertise in economics, policy, science and technology. The Institute has produced more than a dozen books and numerous articles, policy documents, and discussion papers. These materials are being used in academic settings, to enhance the teaching of economics and related subjects, and in policy circles, where GDAE researchers are recognized leaders in their fields.

Programs: Responding to the Institute's growth, in 2000 its activities were organized within two program areas: Research and Policy, and Theory and Education. While Co-Director Goodwin works most closely with the Theory and Education program and Co-Director Moomaw is mainly associated with the Research and Policy program, there is considerable interaction and mutual feedback between the two areas.

Theory and Education, headed by Dr. Jonathan Harris, is dedicated to developing a comprehensive, teachable system of economic theory that will better serve human needs and respond to ecological realities. The program explores and develops alternatives to the standard economic paradigm, both in the form of new economic theories and as teachable curriculum materials.

Research and Policy, led by Timothy Wise , carries out applied research on the effects of economic policies using an analytical framework that assesses the limitations of market-mechanisms for addressing social and environmental issues. Research priorities include energy and climate change, recycling and materials use, and trade and sustainable economic integration.

The Institute also participates in a variety of initiatives at Tufts University, including:

GDAE sponsored on-campus Lecture and Seminar Series, which brings speakers and panelists to campus to discuss a wide range of topical subjects: globalism, climate change, free trade and the environment, and many others

GDAE remains connected with Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy through its Co-director William Moomaw, who is a professor at Fletcher and directs its International Resource Policy Program. GDAE researchers also advise and support the work of Tufts's Urban and Environmental Policy Program.

GDAE participates on the Steering Committee of Tufts Institute of the Environment (TIE), an interdisciplinary, university-wide education and research institute which facilitates and coordinates environmental programs at the University.

GDAE supports and promotes the goals of the Talloires Declaration, a ten-point action plan for incorporating sustainability and environmental literacy in teaching, research, operations and outreach at colleges and universities. The Talloires Declaration was composed in 1990 at Tufts Campus in Talloires, France, and was originally signed by 20 university presidents. It has since been signed by over 300 university presidents and chancellors in over 40 countries.

To learn more, visit: http://www.ase.tufts.edu/gdae/about_us/gdae_overview.html

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