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March 29 Workshop on Chinese Business Culture (Free!)

Friday, March 29 9:00am-12:00pm
Carlson School Room 1-149
Register by March 25

A free half-day interactive workshop on Chinese business culture - with a little language learning too

Designed for students:
undergrads and grads who plan to study in or travel to China in 2013

Presented by:
The Confucius Institute, China Center, and CIBER

• Joan Brzezinski, MIM, Executive Director, China
Center, Confucius Institute [Instructor Bio]
• Mandy Xue Bai, MPP, MBA, Assistant Director,
China Center [Instructor Bio]
• Kaishan Kong, Administrative Fellow, Confucius
Institute; PhD student in Second Languages and Cultures Education at the U of M

• Significant norms for doing business in China
• Meeting and greeting hosts at a business event
• Conducting a business meeting in China
• Communication styles to consider when visiting
companies or working in global teams
• Dining and toasting in a Chinese business setting

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