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Humanitarian Crisis Simulation course will meet May 31-June 2

disastersimcourserightsideup.jpgStudents interested in humanitarian crisis response, please note registration still open for graduate students from around UMN.

PA 5890, section 3: International Humanitarian Crisis Simulation
1 credit
Grading basis: Student Option (A/F or S/N or Audit)
Class number (needed to register): 70158
May 31, 2013 through June 2, 2013 (This overnight event starts at 1:00 p.m.
on Friday and ends at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday)

Students will learn and practice humanitarian skills through innovative
crisis simulation activities. This course will include in-class meetings
before and after the simulation, a 48-hour crisis simulation, and a final
reflection paper.

Simulation exercise objectives include:

- Understand common good practice, minimum standards, and how to improve
the effectiveness and accountability of humanitarian program implementation
- Achieve humanitarian-based outcomes by using resources efficiently and
- Develop collaborative skills, coordinating people and organizations at
times of heightened complexity and risk
- Operate safely and securely in a pressured and changing environment
- Develop personal management and leadership skills

This link discusses a previous simulation:

and see here also http://blog.lib.umn.edu/gpa/globalnotes/2013/03/spring-2013-class-at-the-humph.php

If you register, one credit will be added to your Spring 2013 credit load
and your tuition bill will be recalculated, if necessary.

Students who are interested in registering for this class should contact
Stacey Grimes at grime004(at)umn.edu or Sherry Gray at grayx260(at)umn.edu

Stacey Grimes
Office of the Associate Dean
Humphrey School of Public Affairs

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