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Reconsidering Development journal- Editorial Board recruitment

IPID is hosting an information session on Reconsidering Development journal and its Editorial Board recruitment process from 4-5pm on April 3, 2013 in Coffman Room 307. Pizza will be provided. Please join us if you can.

Reconsidering Development is an innovative student-run web-based journal focused on advancing a critical, interdisciplinary perspective on international development. The Journal is published twice per year - once in April and once in October. By including the voices of those normally marginalized within the academy (graduate students, farmers, NGO workers, local citizen), we hope to move beyond the status quo of the scholarship and practice of international development.

Reconsidering Development holds one election every Spring semester. This year, we are looking for creative applications to fill the following positions: Managing Editor (1), Senior Editor (1), Associate Web Editor (2), Associate Writing Editor (7-8), and Associate Audiovisual Editor (1). This is an exciting opportunity for individuals who are passionate about international development issues, who are interested in working with authors and editors with different intellectual and cultural backgrounds, and/or who are looking for editing, designing, publishing, and teamwork experiences. Previous editors all have gained positive and valuable experiences, and have seen a huge improvement in their critical thinking, writing, and editing skills. We provide our editors with trainings and workshops on different aspects of an editing process.

If you are interested in any of the positions, please email Joy Wang at wang4025@umn.edu with your name, academic program and year, the position for which you are applying, a copy of your resume and 200 words of intent. All applicants must be a University of Minnesota graduate student at time of application.

Applications can be downloaded here:
Reconsidering Development Managing Editor.doc
Reconsidering Development Senior Editor.doc
href="http://blog.lib.umn.edu/gpa/globalnotes/Reconsidering%20Development%20Associate%20Editor%20%28Audiovisual%29.doc">Reconsidering Development Associate Editor (Audiovisual).doc
Reconsidering Development Associate Editor (Writing).doc
Reconsidering Development Associate Web Editor.doc

Again, please join us from 4-5pm next Wednesday in Coffman Room 307 if you want to learn more about Reconsidering Development and its recruitment process. If you cannot come to the information session but have questions, feel free to email Joy Wang at wang4025(at)umn.edu. She is happy to answer any question!

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