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Emerging Markets Development Advisers Program now accepting applications

The Emerging Markets Development Advisers Program (EMDAP) is a cooperative activity between the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Institute of International Education (IIE).

EMDAP offers graduate students and post-graduates from any field of study a 12 month opportunity to provide technical assistance to local overseas organizations in USAID-assisted countries.

EMDAP Advisers use their knowledge of management practices to identify solutions in diverse situations and support a scope of work for a position in a local overseas business/business-serving organization. They help build capacity and create mechanisms to sustain their effort after the end of their assignment. In this way, USAID's goal of broad-based, sustainable economic growth is realized. Developing country host organizations that have benefited from an EMDAP Adviser in recent times include both big and small, based in the capital city and in outlying towns.

Since 1992, 250 Advisers have provided assistance to 200+ businesses and organizations in 49 countries. Through open, merit-based national competitions, the Advisers reflect the diverse population of students enrolled in graduate business programs across the United States.

APPLICATION INFORMATION: EMDAP is currently accepting applications for placements beginning in Fall 2013. The application deadline is June 7, 2013. Please visit our website at www.emdap.org for more information.

Applicants must have:
• U.S. citizenship
o Note: Non-US citizens are eligible applicants only if EMDAP has a position in their country of nationality.
• Worked a minimum of two - three years in such areas as: management, marketing, banking, finance, management, NGO or private sector experience, consulting, etc.
• Be recent graduates (within 5 years) of a master's degree program (MA, MBA, MPP, MIA, etc.)
OR current students who will have completed their first year of graduate coursework from an accredited U.S. university program in any field of study.
• If not yet graduated, obtain approval for leave between the first and second year of the graduate program and this institution's endorsement of their candidacy if the student will still be enrolled in their academic institution at the time of the assignment.

BENEFITS: Competitive monthly stipend for living, housing, and local transportation. Round-trip international airfare, health insurance, visa assistance, inoculation allowance and other benefits.

LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT: A foreign language is not always requirement for EMDAP. English is often the chosen business language in the host organizations. However, some locations require a fluency in a second language (e.g. Latin America and various locations in Africa).

REQUIRED BACKGROUND/SKILLS: A required minimum of two - three years previous work experience in such areas as: NGO/business management, Peace Corps, consulting, or other various work experiences. Excellent communication skills, flexible, self-starter, and capable of working without constant supervision.

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