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Richie Barta new Student Editor for Global Notes

Sherry Gray on September 11, 13

Hello Everyone! My name is Richie Barta and I am a first-year MPP student at the Humphrey School. I'll be concentrating my...

From the Global Notes Cubical: An Introduction and an Invitation

Sam Bedker on September 11, 12

Good afternoon Global Notes devotees! My name is Sam and I will be your (newly appointed) student Global Notes administrator. I'm a...

Blog Administrators

Rachel Garaghty on July 13, 12

Global Notes is currently administered by a team at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs that includes Sherry Gray (coordinator for the...

Not receiving Global Notes daily digest emails? You may need to re-subscribe

Sherry Gray on March 2, 12

We've been having issues with Feedburner on Global Notes. If you are not receiving emails from Global Notes, please review your spam...

Sherry Gray

Graham Lampa on November 7, 08


Global Notes

Sherry Gray on November 7, 08

Global Notes is the community forum for the Humphrey School's global policy area, including the affiliated Freeman Center for International Economic Policy...

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