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Blog Prompt #5

Within our Built Environment, there are a few aspects that we covered in lecture that would support who I am as a person. To demonstrate how this is true I will start with an example from the Opposition #1: Opposition of Man and Physical Nature. I am the type of person to really appreciate and admire what nature has given us. I like to look at what nature has to offer as well as how man collaborates and adjusts to it. Some examples of how I appreciate nature are thatI like to sit on tramplines in the summertime and look at the stars, I absolutely love to be in the Rocky Mountains and stare at the endless mountain ranges. This opposition deals with how man interacts with nature. We take nature's rocks and build dwellings right out of them. I have never been fortunate enough to see such dwellings in real life, but the pictures that Ozzayr showed us were amazing enough.


This image demonstrates how humans use and interact with what nature has provided us with. We use the mountain for recreational purposes too, not just building out of or on top of.

dwelling and rock.jpg

This image shows just what Ozayr told us in lecture. Dealing with the concept of perch, cling to and so on. This dwelling is carved out of the rock