Ten things that kill a students creativity

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What I posted is a list of things that may kill or diminish a student's creativity. A noteworthy tip mentioned is that creativity can be killed when teachers assign grades without informative feedback. This is why I think critiques are extremely important to the amount of growth a young artist can get out of their art classes. For example, in high school, we didn't have a single critique, or discussion of each other's work. We simply had due dates and went through the semester without seeing what our classmate's were doing. Critiques give students an opportunity to get feedback on their artwork and what's working and what isn't. However, some of the things included in the list I disagree with. For example, it is mentioned that demonstrations can kill a students' creativity. Within the field of ceramics I feel that demos are a necessity because the skill and ability of throwing pottery requires more than creativity to master. Which is also true within many other art mediums.

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This is really interesting Mitch. Maybe it is an exercise that we all should do as teachers. It might be useful to make a list of what has "killed your creativity" as a student.

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