October 10, 2005

This week's homework assignment

Here is a reminder about the homework for this week. You need to look at your APAS report online (available off the Onestop page). Then send an email to us by noon on Tuesday Oct 11. The email should include the following:

1. A list of which requirements you have already completed (with PSEO or AP courses).
2. A list of which requirements you have in progress (with Fall 2005 courses).
3. A list of requirements which you still need to complete.
4. Also include a sentence stating what you plan to major in and what activities you plan to participate in (study abroad, internships, etc.) as part of your college career.

Requirements refers to the Liberal Education Requirements (Cores, Themes, Writing) and the CLA second language requirement.

More Homework…

Remember that you also need to email us this week with an update on your faculty interview assignment. Email me and let me know the following:
1. Who you are going to interview or if you don’t know that yet, what department you are going to interview someone from.
2. What approach you are going to take in the interview (Asking about career possibilities, major exploration, advice on making the most of college, etc.)

Email or visit us in our office hours if you have any questions about the faculty interview assignment

at October 10, 2005 2:25 PM