October 31, 2005


Y'all did an awesome job on this journal entry. They were very detailed, and seemed like you did a good job thinking about the subject.

Stress management
For a lot of you, your life has been very stressful since you started college. Especially when it came to working, many of you had trouble balancing both. You can’t stop working, because then you can’t pay for your education, but at the same time, you want to have a good education.

Some of you also said that college wasn’t really stressful for you until recently. That’s because tests, midterms and papers started to come up. Time has really started to become an issue. A lot of you procrastinated, or did things that you liked more than homework. This doesn’t leave much time for finishing up your homework, much less studying.

Almost everyone in college knows how they should study; it’s forcing yourself to do it that’s half the issue.

Here are a few things that result when you get stressed out:
“I get really tense and anxious and as a result I tend to get little work or studying done,” “I become easily annoyed and frustrated, and in extreme cases, my chest becomes constricted,” “usually get really mad and freak out.”

Y’all dealt with stress in many ways: sleeping, hanging out with friends, shopping, yell at people, exercising, listening to music, take a break; but most of you said that they ways you deal with stress aren’t really efficient.

Test taking
There was a lot of anxiety related to test taking. Especially when sitting down to take a test, you suddenly don’t remember anything you studied or even what the test is about. This is really common, and also really hard to avoid. On Wednesday (Nov. 2) we will talk in class about how to prevent psyching yourself out.

There was also concern about different types of tests, especially finals. Mostly y’all were worried about short answer and essay tests. There were also a few who said that multiple choice was the test they did the worst on, because they had a hard time choosing the “best possible” answer. We will talk more about this in class on Wednesday.


  • University Counseling & Consulting services also has a great site on test taking.

  • This website focuses especially on overcoming test anxiety.

  • This site talks about strategies for picking the "best possible" answer on multiple choice tests.

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