December 4, 2005

Managing Your Finances

A lot of you contribute to paying for your education through: scholarships, savings bonds, savings accounts, money earned from work, and student loans.

A lot of you also have a little help from parents: helping pay for your education, spending money, doctors visits, health insurance, car insurance, gas, everyday items, a few meals and gifts.

For some of you having a budget of a $100 a month is something that you're not used to. For others, if you $100 isn't too much. If you did have to cut down on your sepnding, you would stop eating out as much, you wouldn't by things that don't have a real purpose. To prevent spending too much money, you try not to carry around too much cash, go shopping to make you feel better, and put a certain amount into a savings account each month.

Some of you have started planning for the future by opening up savings accounts, as well as putting away small amounts of money, to provide as cushions if something unexpercted comes up.

at December 4, 2005 11:12 PM