December 4, 2005

Mid-Semester Reflection

Things you've learned:

Have instructors look over you papers, because then you can see firsthand what is expected of you

When you don't understand something, ask the source, not your friends

Study is small doses, so you won't have to cram (especially before or after class)

Sleep well the night before a test. On the day of the tests, eat all your meals (especially breakfast) and stay hydrated

Even if you have been studying regularly, step it up a week or 3 days before the test, depending on how hard you have to work to do well in the particular subject

Find out what works for you, in terms of studying and stick to it

Be open to changing your study habits, because you may just find something that works better for you

Don't compare your high school standards, in terms of grades to college standards, which aren't always the same

When you like whatever you are studying, it makes things 20X easier

Stick to first impressions when it comes to deciding if you like the instructor, or if you should change instructors

Never do a once over of your answers, unless it's to see if you've skipped any questions

All of you know your study habits and what works best for you, you're just having trouble motivating yourselves to do things. Midterm grades are great in at least one class, and good in the rest, but there's room for improvement.
at December 4, 2005 11:38 PM