December 12, 2005

Faculty Interviw Assignment

Here are the professor you interviewed:

Shelly Christman
College of Biological Sciences
Freshman seminar professor “Battle of the Sexes?
Seemed like a motivated, successful and happy person.
Talked about:

  • Experiences throughout college (undergrad., masters and doctorate)
  • What she’s doing now

  • Advice for students

    • Remember why you’re here

    • Remember your goals

    • Don’t let bumps in the road distract or discourage you

Feel better about approaching faculty members now.
“I learned that they are willing to talk and usually get bored during office hours and like when people come in to visit.?

Dan Dooghan
Wanted to interview someone from the Sociology department, but couldn’t get a hold of an instructor.
Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature Department
Chose him because he was interesting and made CSCL interesting
Talked about:
  • Undergrad. Education

  • Value of Liberal Arts education

  • ? no matter what you chose to major in, having a liberal arts degree, will force you to ‘look outside of the box’?

Nervous about approaching a faculty member at the beginning of the semester, but now is comfortable.

Rod Ferguson
American Studies Department
Thought he would be interesting
Talked about:
  • How he came to be a professor in American Studies

  • What I want out of my career: money, something you enjoy, something that makes a difference?

  • Being well rounded in terms of a Liberal Arts education

Feel more confident about approaching faculty.
Glad to be forced to talk to a faculty member so early in college.

Gordon Hirsch
Wanted to talk to someone in the Theatre Department, but they were too busy
English Department
Talked about:
  • What English majors do in the future

  • Liberal Arts education

  • ? He started as a math major; now he teaches Victorian era literature.?

Fell much more confident about approaching faculty now.
Contact professors more through e-mail and office hours, than at the beginning of the semester.

Amy Kaminsky
Women's Studeies Department (WoSt)
Major exploration
Taked about her research experiences:
  • Majored in Spanish as an undergrad.

  • Did research on Argentinean film, literature, and culture

  • Studies abroad in Argentina and Sweden

  • Authored many publications about fmeinists, Latinas, and Latin American culture

  • Active in the Center for Jewish Studies at the U of M

  • Current chair of the WoSt

Kaolee Christine Marran
Asian Languages and Literature Department
Major exploration
Went to Japan when she was 15 and stayed there for 5 years
Found interviewing faculty to be very interesting.
More curious and open minded about talking to other faculty memebers.

Dr. David Martinez
American Indian Studies Department
Find out about a major
Talked about his experience in college:
  • Grew up in California: equal proportion of African Americans, Latinos and Caucasians.

  • Went to college at the University of Rhode Island, 95% Caucasian

Always felt comfortable around grown-ups, so feelings about approaching faculty haven’t changed.

Ann Meier
Sociology Department
Recommended by Current professor
Talked about:
  • How choosing sociology affected her life

  • Her experiences with choosing sociology as a major

    • “she saw the extreme difference between the high class prep students she rowed with in the morning and the poor she helped at the kitchen in the afternoon. The phenomenon of these differences created a deeper desire in her to study Sociology.?

  • Which classes and student groups to pick in the future.

More open to speaking to faculty after the assignment.
? It’s nice to see them as more than only professors.?

Pang Rhodes
Family Social Science
“she was young and seemed like she could give me some good advice about college and my major?
Talked about:

  • How her overall college experience was

  • Balancing socializing with academics is really important during the first year of college

  • “realizing that ‘she was now a small fish in a big pond’?

Feel as lot more “ease? about approaching faculty memebers.
“faculty are more than happy to share their experiences and their advice with students as long as they ask

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