August 22, 2005

getting around campus

My suggestion (and its a no brainer) is to keep your campus map handy the first few weeks. Dont leave the dorm without it. The mall is the center of campus. Once you know how to get there, you can figure out how to get anywhere on campus.

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Meet your Instructor

My name is Charles and I will be your instructor for CLA 1001. I am an adviser in the CLA Social Sciences Student Community. I graduated from the U of M with a major in Political Science. (Of note for you commuter students, I also lived at home and commuted to the U when I was a student here). I also attended the University of Florida and earned a MA degree in Latin American Studies. I am a big football fan (Go Gators, go Gophers, Go Vikings) and you can expect to see me posting about that as the football season starts.

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Getting Ready for School

This thread is all about how you are preparing for your first year in college. What have you done this summer to get ready for the Fall 2005 semester at the University of Minnesota? What are you excited about? What are you concerned about? Do you have questions or ideas to share with your fellow CLA 1001 students?

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Commuting to the U

This thread is for you Commuter Students. You can use this space to talk about strategies for commuting to the U of M or any ideas or worries that you may have.

Here is one possible strategy. When I was a student at the U of M I always drove to the St Paul Campus and parked at the Fairgrounds lot and took the campus commuter buses to the main campus.

This is the link for the parking and transit services on campus. They have all information about driving or taking the bus to campus.

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You can use this thread to write brief introductions about yourself to share with the other students in order to start getting to know each other before classes start in September.

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How to post to the Blog

How do you use this weblog? It's actually very easy. If you see an entry or topic you'd like to respond to, comment on, or add to, simply click the "Comments" link in that entry. In the appropriate fields, add your first name, email address and your comments. Then you can click "Post" to add your entry to the blog.

If you'd like to see every entry for a particular category, look for the category listing on the right and click the category you'd like to read. From there, the process for adding comments is the same as anywhere else on the blog.

Remember, this is your blog! You are all registered authors. This means that you can post original entries within one of the categories. To do this, go to Then click "Login to your blog" and enter your x.500 username and password. Then choose the CLA 1001 Society & Culture/ Commuter blog. Finally, click "New Entry" choose a category, write your message and save!

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Welcome to CLA 1001

Hello and welcome to the College of Liberal Arts and the University of Minnesota!

This is the CLA 1001 Society and Culture/ Commuter Weblog. As you can guess from the name, the Society and Culture section and the Commuter section of CLA 1001 have been combined into one section.

This will be an important site for you to visit during your first semester at the University of Minnesota. On this site, you'll find postings of class announcments, updates on assignments, ongoing student discussions, and assorted useful and/ or entertaining information.

Please read the site regularly and feel free to post whenever you like.

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