October 31, 2005

Week 9:Oct. 31- Nov.6

Hello y'all,

I hope that this week is going well for everyone.

Class this wednesday will be held in Blegen 415.

There are no journals due, this week.

Next week you have the option of attending class anytime between 12:30 to 3. There is going to be a 30 minute activity, which you can complete anytime between 12:30 and 3:30. We will talk more about it in class, on Wednesday.

See y'all on Wednesday.

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Y'all did an awesome job on this journal entry. They were very detailed, and seemed like you did a good job thinking about the subject.

Stress management
For a lot of you, your life has been very stressful since you started college. Especially when it came to working, many of you had trouble balancing both. You can’t stop working, because then you can’t pay for your education, but at the same time, you want to have a good education.

Some of you also said that college wasn’t really stressful for you until recently. That’s because tests, midterms and papers started to come up. Time has really started to become an issue. A lot of you procrastinated, or did things that you liked more than homework. This doesn’t leave much time for finishing up your homework, much less studying.

Almost everyone in college knows how they should study; it’s forcing yourself to do it that’s half the issue.

Here are a few things that result when you get stressed out:
“I get really tense and anxious and as a result I tend to get little work or studying done,” “I become easily annoyed and frustrated, and in extreme cases, my chest becomes constricted,” “usually get really mad and freak out.”

Y’all dealt with stress in many ways: sleeping, hanging out with friends, shopping, yell at people, exercising, listening to music, take a break; but most of you said that they ways you deal with stress aren’t really efficient.

Test taking
There was a lot of anxiety related to test taking. Especially when sitting down to take a test, you suddenly don’t remember anything you studied or even what the test is about. This is really common, and also really hard to avoid. On Wednesday (Nov. 2) we will talk in class about how to prevent psyching yourself out.

There was also concern about different types of tests, especially finals. Mostly y’all were worried about short answer and essay tests. There were also a few who said that multiple choice was the test they did the worst on, because they had a hard time choosing the “best possible” answer. We will talk more about this in class on Wednesday.


  • University Counseling & Consulting services also has a great site on test taking.

  • This website focuses especially on overcoming test anxiety.

  • This site talks about strategies for picking the "best possible" answer on multiple choice tests.

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Interesting Event

Lawyers Gone Funny: A Night of Comedy
Sunday, November 13
8 to 9:30 p.m.
Coffman Memorial Union Theater

"Lawyers Gone Funny" is a first-rate comedy show featuring professional
comedians--all of whom just happen to have gone to law school, passed a
Bar, or practiced law. Then they got funny. They have performed for law
students, pre-law programs, associate events, seminars, retreats, and
many others. Join the Pre-Law Society at the University of Minnesota for
a night of laughs and the opportunity to talk with current law students
and legal professionals. This event has been made possible due to a
Student Activities Office Event Partnership Grant.

Register for this free event online:
For questions regarding this event, please contact Janelle Larson,
612-626-0380 or the Pre-Law Society at prelaw@umn.edu

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October 26, 2005

Journal 5: Grad Planning Tool & Goals

The things that were most useful to y'all were the course descriptions and the pre-selected courses in the drop down menu. Some of you also mentioned the freshman and sophomore planning templates, course descriptions, pre-selected courses in the drop down menu, CLA handbook, APAS report

A lot of you were also surprise that you would be taking courses in a variety of fields, because so few of your classes are just for your major. A few of you were also curious if you might inadvertently end up having a minor, and not even know about it, because of all the courses you will be taking outside of your major.

Some of the short term goals y'all had were to: being second language, finish freshman writing, get more involved in a student organization, and explore different majors.

Some of the long term goals were to: finish liberal arts requirements by sophomore year, graduate in four years, explore internships, declare a major by the end of my sophomore year and earn a 3.5/3.3 GPA or better this year.

Many of you were also uncertain about if you would change majors, or continue in the same major. One of the things that I found most helpful in this situation was just comparing requirements for different majors. This way you can somewhat gauge your interest level in the area.

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October 24, 2005

Journal 4: Four Year/Graduation Planning

With this journal, I noticed that a lot of you have changed majors since the first journal entry.

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Week 8:Oct. 24 to 30

This Wednesday, 26th we will be meeting in at the Bell Auditorium. The presentation is going to be about stress management and test taking. The presenter, Katie has read all your surveys from last week, and will try to focus in on what y'all were concerned about the most.

For the Jounal assignement the assignment guidelines are posted right under this entry. Here's also a link for future reference. It's due by noon on Tuesday, 25th.

I also heard that there is going to be a sociology test comming up in the near future. Mike (TA for the Social Sciences section) and I want to have a study session. If we have enough people, there might be a possibilty to have food. It would probably be on Saturday or Sunday. If any of y'all are interested, e-mail me with possible times/dates.

See y'all on Wednesday,

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October 21, 2005

Journal due next week

Reminder, you have a journal entry due next week on Tuesday, Oct 25.

In preparation for the next few weeks sessions on test taking and stress management, please write a journal entry answering the following questions.

At what points during the semester have you experienced stress?
What do you do when you are feeling stress?
Do you feel you manage your stress in an effective way?
Discuss your skills as a test taker? What types of tests do you do well on? What types of tests are you most concerned about?

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Email tip

How to creat a "Sent Item" box on your U of M email account.

1. Log in to your U of M email account
2. Click on "create new mailbox"
3. Label your new mailbox "sent items" or whatever and click on set name
4. Got to the preferences tab and on the "sent mail folder" line, change the selection from "none" to your sent items folder.
5. Click on "apply my changes"

And thats it!

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Journal Standards

Hello all,

Your journal entries for this week were all over the map. Some were very well written while others seemed haphazard. While this isnt the hardest class that you will take in your career at the U of M, there are certain expectations for quality work.

Journals should be turned in on time the Tuesday before class. They are to be 300 words long at a minimum. I am not checking the word count on every assignment but if an entry looks short I will check it. Also, make sure you spellcheck your assignments before you send them in. If you scroll down on the blog, there is an entry with suggestions on writing good journals.

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October 17, 2005

Week 7, Oct.17 to 24

Hello y'all,
We will be meeting in Blegen 415 again.

There is another ADFAB meeting this Wenesday after class from 3:30 to 5 pm in 302 Lind Hall. This time around, the focus in on the Community Engagement Scholars program. This program helps you get recognition for community service on your transcript. (There are very few things you get recognized for on your transcripts: grades, proficeiency in other languages, and service learning.) I will be heading there after class, if any of y'all are interested.

Y'all might also want to check out this online mini course about Coping as a Freshman.

See y'all on Wednesday,

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Interesting Upcoming Events

If you are undecided about your major and/ or worried about getting a job when you graduate, then this information session may be helpful.

October 20 (also November 9)
2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Location: Oct. 20 in B-33 Johnston Hall and Nov. 9 in 140 Nolte Hall.

Learn how a Liberal Arts major can lead to a successful business career! We'll tell you what skills businesses look for and how to acquire them. We'll also talk about business-related majors, minors and internships. Featured speakers include CLA alumni with prominent positions in business. No registration required, just show up!


The U of M Parliamentary Debate Society is a pretty cool student group. They are having a public debate next week. For more information about this group check out their website. www.umpds.org

October 25, 7:00 p.m., 210 Anderson Hall

What is the United States’ place in the international community? How best can the United States assume leadership as a democracy in the emerging global scene?

In the spirit of addressing these polemical questions, The University of Minnesota Parliamentary Debate Society will hold a public debate on Tuesday, October 25 at 7pm in Anderson 210. The resolution, to be defended by the Government and attacked by the Opposition, is “The United States should withdraw from the UN.”

The Government team will consist of Amy Skonieczny, a PhD Candidate Graduate Instructor in the Political Science Department, and U of M debater Monica Heth. The Opposition team will consist of Martin Kifer, also a PhD Candidate Graduate Instructor in the Political Science Department, and U of M debater Zane Nitzkorski.

All students and interested parties are encouraged to attend.

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October 11, 2005

Journal 3: Time Management

Here are the things that were present in all your lists:

  • School

  • Work

  • Sleep

  • Leisure/socializing time

Here are some of the other things that were also important, but didn't show up across the board:

  • Family

  • Job(s)

  • TV watching time

  • Spending time with siblings, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend and son/daughter

  • Money matters

Firstly, I'm just glad y'all included sleep. Some of my friends go with 2 or 3 hours of sleep in order to do well in school, have a social life, and a killer party/concert life. How come y'all didn't include like eating time? Is it just part of the social/personal/liesure time? What about de-stress time?

A lot of you also mentioned that you were surprised by the difference between how much time you thought you spent on some priorities, and the actual amount of time you spent. When I kept track of how much time I spent on stuff, I realized that I only slept 6 hours a night, had 5 hours of exercise/socializing/personal/lesiure time, 3 hours of volunteer work and an astonishing 11 hour studying time on an average day.

Time management is one of those things that almost everyone has to work on. Even if you have a system that works, you still have to stick to it and do the daily maintainence tasks. Even if it takes you 20 minutes a day to maintain a callender, that's still a lot of time over the course of a year. But in my opinion, it's very much worth it.

During your time in college, you will figure out what works for you. So hopefully we will all get so good at time mangement, that when we get jobs after college, will end up having like 6+ hours of free time a day. We'll just have to see.

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Journal 2:The Liberal Arts Advantage

Many of you had the kind of sentiment represented in the following quote, in regard to the Dean's lecture:
"At first I thought that I was just going to space out into space and daydream but he really had something to say that got me going otherwise".

Y'all also mentioned how the lecture also brought about the realization that "a liberal arts education prepares [you] for a plethora of career opportunities". How some of your professors had you "think[ing] about things that [you've] never thought about before". This is because your cirriculum mostly focuses of getting you to think formally, or logically.

You also learn how to apply it to a wide variety of topics, which makes you capable of doing so much more. Most CLA students graduate with a a large 'box' of knowledge in different areas", which gives you the ability to better communicate with larger numbers of people.

I was surprised that not many people mentioned that Dean Rosenstone also emphasized that many students, especially during their first year at the U, get most of their education outside of classes.

More than anything "the most important skill my Liberal Arts experience will provide is the capacity for me to be the best that I can be in whatever I decide to do".


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October 10, 2005

Week 6, Oct. 10th-16th

Y'all have two assignments which you should e-mail to both Charles and myself by noon on Tuesday 11th. Charles also posted on the blog about this week's assignments.

Class on Wednesday will be held in Blegen Hall 415. You also want to bring your APAS report to class on Wednesday.

During the last ADFAB meeting, we decided that it would be a good idea to take y'all to the Mall of America. Many of the freshmen living in the Res. Halls, haven't really used the bus system, so this will be a good chance to learn. If anyof y'all want to participate. It's going to be on Oct. 22, and we are all going to meet at the info. desk in Coffman, on the 1st floor. If any of your friends that are freshman want to go, they are more then welcome to come.

See y'all in class,
Sathiya K

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Journal Writing Guide

This handout has advice on how to write good journal entries. Its an Adobe file.

How to write quality journal entries

© Jen Rude, 2005.

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Exciting football game coming up this weekend. The 22nd ranked Minnesota Gophers go up against the 23rd ranked Wisconsin Badgers. Both teams are currently tied for second in the Big Ten behind the surprisingly good Penn State Nittany Lions. Who will I be cheering for? Lets just say its not these guys.

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Book of the Month

My book recommendation is The Pentagon’s New Map by Thomas Barnett. If you like politics and foreign policy this is an excellent and easy to read book. If you want to read an innovative and interesting perspective about how the War in Iraq or the War on Terror fit into the big geopolitical picture then this book may be for you. Dr. Barnett is former professor at the US Naval War College. Learn more about it at the author’s website. www.thomaspmbarnett.com

PS. You guys can post to the blog too. If you have any good book recommendations to make to your fellow classmates, feel free to post away.

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This week's homework assignment

Here is a reminder about the homework for this week. You need to look at your APAS report online (available off the Onestop page). Then send an email to us by noon on Tuesday Oct 11. The email should include the following:

1. A list of which requirements you have already completed (with PSEO or AP courses).
2. A list of which requirements you have in progress (with Fall 2005 courses).
3. A list of requirements which you still need to complete.
4. Also include a sentence stating what you plan to major in and what activities you plan to participate in (study abroad, internships, etc.) as part of your college career.

Requirements refers to the Liberal Education Requirements (Cores, Themes, Writing) and the CLA second language requirement.

More Homework…

Remember that you also need to email us this week with an update on your faculty interview assignment. Email me and let me know the following:
1. Who you are going to interview or if you don’t know that yet, what department you are going to interview someone from.
2. What approach you are going to take in the interview (Asking about career possibilities, major exploration, advice on making the most of college, etc.)

Email or visit us in our office hours if you have any questions about the faculty interview assignment

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October 7, 2005

Good Luck Gophers!


... They may well need it. The biggest test of the season has arrived. A bit of history about the Gophers vs. Michigan matchup. In the last 16 games against the Wolverines the Gophers have lost every single one of them. The last time that the Gophers beat Michigan was the year that you were born. So cheer for the Gophers...but I wouldnt bet my financial aid on them.


Minnesota defeats Michigan!!
Way to go Gophers.

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October 4, 2005

Journal 1

Here are some of the things that I found interesting in your journal entries:

"College is considered the next big step in a teenager's life."

"As a kid I always thought how awesome it would be to walk around campus and know that it was my school."

"I am excited to meet new people and to learn about their lives and cultures."

"I can't wait to be challenged to see who I really am... ...my background in high school of a pretty light workload will come back to bite me."

I also noticed that a lot of you came to the U because of the majors: Architectural design, Economics, Interior design and Japanese.

Many of you were also concerned about how to meet people and build solid friendships, when you have to commute and can't be around on campus all the time. Managing school and extracirriculars was also mentioned quiet a bit.

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Best of... Student Journal Entries

A quote from a journal entry.

"I defiantly do not spend enough time studying..."

You know, sometimes spellcheck is definitely not your friend.

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October 3, 2005

Week 5, Oct3-9

Hello Y'all,

Firstly, I need all your Journals turned in by Tueday, October 4th by 12 noon.

The last date for signing up for the Etiquette Dinner is Wednesday Oct 5th. Click on this link to register!

In class this week, we will be working on time management. To make the activities more relevant to your situation, we want you to bring the following materials:

  • Gopher Guide

  • Syllabi from all your classes

We will be meeting in Blegen 415.

There is also going to be an ADFAB meeting from 3:30 to 5 pm. It's about exploring the twin cities. Katie Peacock, from the CCLC is really knowledgeable, and she can tell you about all the hotspots, as well as where you can eat good food for cheap. As well cheap date ideas. I hope y'all can make it, because it's really useful stuff. Check out this daily article called Grease, caffeine and fun.

See y'all on Wednesday,

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