November 30, 2005

Finals Study Tips Part 2

One way I remember things is to imagine what the topic reminds me of.

  • If it's a word, I'll try and emember who said it so that I can constantly recognize what the word is.

  • If it's a math subject, I'll relate it to a situation, like I want to paint my room but how much of an area to cover... things of that sort.

This works best for me because I am a visual person. The things that I learn in class, I have to look and see it in order for me to comprehend.

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November 22, 2005

Study Tips Part.1


  • Write out a plan of action
  • Make sure you know what you are being tested on
  • Set aside a block of time to study and make sure you take breaks
  • Go somewhere you won't be distracted, turn off your cell phone
  • Find a place you are comfortable in to study at, but not so comfortable that you become tired and want to sleep
  • Form a study group
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November 20, 2005

How to post on the blog

If you would like to put it up on the blog yourself, here are the directions:

  • Go to this address:

  • Then click on the upper left hand corner that says "Login to your blog"

  • Then type in your internet ID (a.k.a. X200), and password if asked

  • Find the box that says "CLA 1001 SOCIETY & CULTURE/ COMMUTER SECTION"

  • Click of "New Entry" which is located on the lower left hand corner of the little box.

  • In the title box, type in a title that includes your name

  • In the "primary category box" click on the down arrow and select "Finals Study Tips"

  • In the "entry body section" tipe in the tip

  • MAKE SURE you scroll all the way down and then hit "save"

  • If you decide to hit preview, MAKE SURE you hit "save entry"

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When do I do my tip?

Since finals are comming up, we want your study tips.

The following people will post a final study tip on the Blog, or e-mail it to me so that I can post it. It can be based on your experiences prepearing for test and midterms or based on something a professor or TA said.

  • November 21: Dawn, Jamie C., and Meghan
  • Novemeber 28: Issac, Kaolee, and Jessica
  • December 4:Skylar, Marco, and Jamie K.
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