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Prompt 4: Constraints Are Off!

Quite honestly, if I were released from our school program’s constraints, I would not do the same thing day to day. I have so many interests and hobbies that I would try to find a new one each day of the week.

Doc in Africa.gif
Mondays I would work as a doctor and help those who need medical attention (and earn the money I would need for the rest of the week). While the service is limited to a select few individuals, I would see the benefits directly in my patients. It wouldn’t matter where I worked, but it would be great to help those who really, really need it.

construction.jpg Tuesdays I would build/design houses for those who otherwise couldn’t. This would be an all-in-one experience because I love working with my hands, solving puzzles, and helping people.

Wednesdays I would help at a school (elementary or high), and coach soccer or basketball afterwards (mostly because I’m still a kid at heart).

navy ship.jpg
navy logo.png
Thursdays, I would serve in the US Navy and do whatever was asked of me.

travel 2.jpg
Fridays and Saturdays, I would travel all around the world to see the incredible places there are. Depending upon my mood, I would visit landmarks, buildings, nature sites, or people. On Sunday, I would come home and rest because it is needed every week, and because God recommends it.

I know that this is completely unrealistic, but this would be my ideal life without the constraints of our program and profession. I would like to expand the discipline and incorporate all of my other interests into my week.

All in all, I guess if I were released from the constraints of our school’s program, I would live in a dream world where I could learn from people every day. It would be just like having 5 different jobs without any of the pressure or stress. It seems as though I would be helping all of them, but I know that the opportunity given to me by them would be a much bigger help to me. I can see myself doing a multitude of things after I graduate, one thing that I do not want to do however, is be confined to a cubical every single day.

This dream-like weekly scenario would allow me to do all of the things that I am interested in. I would be able to help others, relax, travel, and fulfill the purpose of my life day in, and day out.

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