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Skyline Tower- Journal 7

Today will be my last entry for this journal as next week will be my last visit to Skyline Tower this year. It was another normal day in the Homework Center. Right when I got there, I saw kids ready to come in for help and we immediately sat down and got to work. The first young girl I helped was very confused by her assignment, as was I. We went over the directions multiple times and finally decided on what they were telling us to do. This was an interesting experience because it would have left children with non-English speaking parents at a disadvantage if they did not have a homework center to go to. The assignment’s directions were very unclear and difficult for me to understand, let alone a first grader. I thought about how many assignments are tough to understand unless someone is there to help another.

This made me think how beneficial the service that Skyline Tower provides is. It not only helps the children with homework, but it also helps them learn how to approach their education. The residents are very lucky to have the Homework Center. With an increasing immigrant population, more and more children in the Twin Cities area will have parents who do not speak or understand English. Homework assistants programs are going to be a necessity for many children in order for them to achieve an appropriate education.

I just wanted to thank all of the staff at Skyline Tower for allowing me to come and experience the great time they have there. I really learned a lot about the kids, their cultures, and service in general. Thank you all again.

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