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Prompt 9: Response to Goal 7 Presentation

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This blog is in response to the honors presentation of Millennium Development Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability. This group decided specifically to focus on improving Minneapolis slums through the implementation of sustainability. They came to this decision after finding that many of the apartments in Minneapolis are being converted to condominiums, and that the residents are not able to buy them afterwards, being left without a home.

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They also explored some green buildings and how they were beneficial. One of the buildings they looked at was the SC Johnson Co. headquarters in Wisconsin. They noted that it was cheaper to build and decreased the utility bill drastically. Another example that they looked at was the near north apartments that had a 1500 gallon rainwater collection system that used rainwater to flush toilets. After exploring these buildings, they decided to focus on water conservation and lowering energy costs for new high density, low-income housing IN the city.

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Specifically, they came up with ideas to renovate the Riverside Plaza using green technologies. These are the proposals:
1. Install water re-use systems (rainwater collection, shower sink water reuse to flush toilets)
2. Use compact fluorescent bulbs
3. Install vertical recycling chutes in all 6 towers
4. Replace old windows with high-efficiency triple-paned glass
5. Replace outside panels with new environment-friendly wooden panels
6. Repaint concrete
7. Use solar panels
8. Apply Energy Star roof coating to reduce solar absorption
9. Install new Energy Star appliances
10. Use KONE elevators which use less energy because they’re gearless

7- light bulb.bmp 7- energy star.jpg

Overall, I thought that this group’s presentation of their Millennium Development Goal was done very well. They communicated very effectively and were not too boring like some of the other groups. They had just the right amount of information on the slides and then verbalized the other important information. Their solution was very clear and I thought it was interesting because it seemed like something that could be done rather simply.

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