November 5, 2008

Welcome to facism

Here I am the night of the big election. I hope everyone enjoyed voting today, becuase it might very well be your last chance. Barack's victory looks imminent and it causes me to think about what this means. Barack Husein Obama the first non-christian and non-white president in history. Before I move to another country I thought I would try to laydown my ideas.

I know that after this most will consider me a racist becuase I didn't vote for Obama. Many of my friends have made this assertion to my face, but let me challenge this visceral sometimes coherrent argument with some facts.

Lets start with how Barrack began. Harvard law degree to become a community organizer. I'm a community organizer with a integration school district and come into contact with many other community organizers. Community organizing is not all that difficult and often times the politics of the work make for strange bedfellows. That's not to say that Barrack had to offer himself to less than reputable people, because I'm sure that Chicago, unlike other major cities, has no problems with organized crime, voting itimidation groups (acorn , black panthers), and unscrupulous officials. These are merely heresay observations from someone in the field. I'm not exactly sure how someone with little public experience wins a highly contested senate seat away from a wiley incumbent without having some suspect connections. again I digress.

While Obama was in the state senate he authored a bill (the only one he authored) against the born a live act. In short, if an abortion is botched and the baby lives and is delivered, doctors would be mandated to finish the child off rather than protecting life after the child has been born. Even Joe Bidden thought that was a scarry bill. Obama wasn't in a state senate seat for a full term before he began running for a DC chair. At some point he authored a book about how much he knew about hope, which is interesting becuase he's taken it away from the largest national employer (small businesses according to the US census beureu 2006) with his new tax plan.

Barak wasn't in his new seat much more than a year when he started campaigning for President. How can someone with less than five years of total experience in politics lead 300 million people? He's planning 1.3 Trillion - 4 Trillion in new spending during the worst economic down turn since the great depression. He has unresearshed ties to ACORN, William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, the PLO, and many others. No one has definatively found his US birth certificate and yet the hype keeps him afloat. He's recieved over $100 million in free TV airtime just becuase he's popular. He has $200 million in undisclosed campaign contributions from online contributors. Joe Bidden promises that within the next 6 months that Barak will recieve a challenge to his leadership ability on par with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Good pick america... Let's pick that guy that the rest of the world thinks they can walk through. These are not just the claims of a depressed conservative over the loss of McCain, but rather ones of inquiry. How can all this be overlooked?

Then there is Obama's macro economics plan of giving everyone jobs, or rather government jobs. Obamanomics (c). The problem is that all government jobs are paid for from the productivity of the private sector. When capital is removed from that system, it eventually is removed from the government system. How long will those tax cuts last when the private sector can no longer support the workforce of their own employ, but alsot the government's? This is the situation that led several major catastrophies in the world. This was the type of economic down turn that led to the Lousiana purchase from France, New Mexico and Arizona from Spain, and Alaska from Russia. What if China (which owns our $2.5 trillion debt) decides one day they want to cash their chips and buy part of America how much do you think they will get? Maybe they will just take California or New York, maybe the Lousiana purchase agian... hopefully it's appreciated. When the government can no longer be sustained by the economic growth of the private sector we see marxism, socialism, and facism take over the private sector and things like free speech, the right to vote, the right to own land, and the religious freedom will be things of the past becuase they will no longer be seen as beneficial for the government. Good pick america. The unfortunate reality is that the new people that came out to vote are not the type to read this, or even have the ability to read this far in one sitting. There are many unfortunate realities this election.

And not once did I mention anything related to race. The entire election has run away from the race card except from Obama's camp and the mainstream media. All the rationale I've given above has nothing to do with Barak's being black. Quite honetly I don't care, and neither does most of America but here we are. After all I've said and done in my life will now I will be bundled into the crazy category of racist. Nevermind the 8 years of my life I've worked in the education system specifically with the focus of integration. never mind the thousands of students I've changed their lives by helping them meet and appreciate someone vastly different than themselves, nevermind the countless professional development workshops I've created and done for school districts at no cost because I believe in integration, and nevermind that I say what I mean.

Maybe most of all, never mind that I'm black. Good job america, you've voted for facism, I hope it works out.