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Speech story

“Sex and dating for disabled is a stigmatized issue, which should be discussed more?, the disabled UMD Student Galynn White said Wednesday.
“I wish people were more open-minded about this?, she said during a speech in Kirby Rafters. “There are so many opinions about whether you can be sexually active or not if you are disabled?.
When Galynn, now 22 years old, went to high school and her friends started going out, she had a hard time. She was never asked out on a date, and never had the same opportunities to experience love as the others.
Making sex and dating for the disabled socially acceptable is something Galynn White wants to work on. It is the one thing that gets to her about being disabled, and in her opinion the topic is not discussed enough.
“Take movies for example, how many movies are there about disabled people in romantic relationships?? she said. “It is not a common theme?.
Except for the lack of dating, Galynn White is like any other “normal? person. She tries not to focus on her disability and has a normal life expectancy. White was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a genetical defect that makes the bones less dense, this is why they break easily. Since she broke a lot of bones in her mother’s womb, which healed incorrectly, she is not able to walk, and is very small. Not being able to walk or run doesn’t disturb her, though.
“I don’t really miss it, since I’ve never tried it?, she says.
In many ways, Galynn has had a normal life. Her childhood, with three siblings, was just like everybody else’s.

“I couldn’t ride a bike, obviously, but my brother once tied me to his bike and drove down a big hill. That was fun. My dad got pretty mad though?, Galynn said and smiled at the memory.
White is a humorous and social person that likes hanging out with friends, gardening and playing the violin.
“I love coffee shops to, I want to open one some time?, she says.
Her other dreams for the future involves becoming a teacher and starting a family.
“I really want to adopt a child some day?, Galynn said. “I used to think that I would have a baby of my own some time, but I found out that I have really small lungs, so it wouldn´t be such a good idea?.
After the speech, Galynn got a lot of questions about what being disabled is like. One of the listeners wondered how other people treat her.
“Generally people are very nice?. Galynn said. “One of the good things about being disabled is that you get to see that people aren’t all bad. People can be really kind if they get the opportunity. It gives me hope?.
Another question Galynn got is why she isn’t wearing any shoes.
“I don’t really need shoes, since I don’t ever walk, and I kind of like my feet to? she said.
“I’m a weird girl?, Galynn said, wagged her foot and giggled.