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Event story - Feast of Nations

Sparkling sari’s, bright colored sarongs and Russian fur caps. A girl in a red prom dress, a woman in a traditional Malaysian costume and a guy in jeans standing right next to each other.

The 38th Feast of Nations of UMD was celebrated Saturday. A night devoted to diversity, but also to unity. One world, one family. That was the theme for the evening.

“For one night we wanted to blur the imaginary boundaries and bring everyone close together as one big family.? the President of the UMD International Club, Shaili Sharma said. “Feast of Nations is aimed to spread diversity of campus and make people aware of the various different cultures that co-exist in this university.?

At one table, four women from The United States, Japan and Malaysia sat next to each other, all laughing together.

At another table, a couple from Malaysia and Lebanon and three Americans dined together. Most of the
dishes served during the evening were new to them.

“I like it?, the American senior high school student Kelsie Anderson said. “Some of the dishes are a little too spicy for me, but most of it is really tasty?.

Her grandfather, Glenn Maxham agreed.

“I’m not used to such spicy food?, he said. “But a lot of the cuisines were quite appetizing. Like the Ma po tofu. When I served in Japan, we ate a lot of tofu. I didn’t really care for it then, but served like this, deep-fried with ground beef, it was really nice.?

The Malaysian Hanaa Nikrushti, and her Lebanese fiancée Ahmad Dib, whose taste buds are more used to spices, appreciated most of the dishes.

“I especially enjoyed the samosas. My mother makes them sometimes. But she usually makes bigger ones, with less spice and more coriander?, Nikrushti said.

Despite the different backgrounds of the five people at the table, they did not have a hard time to keep the conversation going during the night. They talked about Anderson’s interest in theater, Nikrushti´s five-year-old little brother, and the fact that Maxham has went to all of the Feast of Nations since twenty years back in time.

“It has become a tradition?, he said.

At the end of the night, they all went back to their own circumstances. So did the girl in the red prom dress, the woman in the Malaysian costume and the guy in jeans. A little bit more full than before, perhaps with a few more friends than before. And most certainly with more multicultural experience than before.

Evan’s comments:

1. I liked the colorful descriptions you used.

2. The main point was emphasized in the lead.

3. The most important news was that the festival happened.

4. I thought the lead seemed a little boring.

5. The story was clear and easy to understand for the most part.

6. I would like to know why they didn’t sell tickets at the door, I wanted to go.

Ben’s comments:

The sentence “Sparkling sari´s, bright colored sarongs and dresses all competed of the audience´s attention? – Good.

Rewrite the sentence “And that was kind of the whole point; it was supposed to be a multicultural and diverse evening? into “And that was the whole point; it was to be a multicultural and diverse evening.?

Rewrite the sentence “And that also pretty much summarized the atmosphere of the night? into “And that summarized much of the atmosphere of the night.?

Good paragraphs (most of them are short)