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Falconville: sketch

Big cuts have been made in the new budget proposal. The Parks and Recreations Department, the ambulance services, the City Attorney and the Police Department’s budgets have all been lowered.
Meanwhile, $90 000 of the budget is set-aside to the new City Administrator Joan Bell.

After the lead, I will continue with a commentary from the City Administrator. I will then write about the Vice Mayor’s opinion about the new position, and why he thinks that it is necessary. Then I will continue to write more about the budget, which changes have been made and how much less money the different departments will have next year. Finally, I will quote some of the people that are affected by the cuts, and write about what they think that the consequences will be.

Three quotations I will use:
Isn’t $90 000 a pretty big salary for an administrator, considering these cuts?
Joan Bell, City Administrator:
“It’s not all salary. My portion, including benefits, is $54,000. The rest is for staff help and set-up supplies. I think it’s justified when you see what other areas we save in by consolidating duties into one office.?

Tell me about the new City Administrator position.
Luis Gomez, Vice Mayor:
“For some time we’ve had too many cooks running the show. With shrinking revenues we need one person in charge of the department head. The council can’t do it by itself. This is the wisest move we’ve made in some time.?

Will anybody be laid-off (as a consequence of the cuts in the budget)?
Elaine Hultquist, Director Parks and Recreation:
“We’ll try not to lay off any full-timers, but many part-time positions will go unfilled. We may hire fewer swimming teachers and lifeguards, for instance."