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Advocating for the Average

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Education and Striving for excellence.
It’s a good thing as Martha Stewart would say, but I would say I’ve found a social design issue. It may be that I went to a really competitive high school that didn’t have any valedictorians because there was too many kids with 4.2’s and I may be taking advantage of the great education that has really been given to me, but to tell you the truth, I am just sick and tired of all the overachieving. The competition around is making me stressed and I am pretty sure less people would drop out of college if it weren’t so intense all the time. I have friends trying to graduate in three years; one of them can graduate in two years with all the 90+AP credits he came in with. Even Facebook is a competition with the number of friends people have or the number of pictures people are in. It seems to me that no matter how hard I try there is always someone better, someone with better ideas. You can’t just be good anymore. You have to overachieve.

And I ask, does it do anything in the end? Does this overachieving prove anything? And what are they trying to prove? Do honors classes really prepare you better? Are honors kids actually smarter? Or are they just worshiped by teachers?

In the articles we read, Fisher talks about degree inflation. Only until recently have I heard this idea, maybe it’s because I am new to college, but graduating with a four-year degree may just not be enough anymore. We now have to go for six. If it weren't for all the overachieving kids I believe this would not be a problem.

There is also the issue of economic inequality. With school being so expensive these days only the wealthy can afford the higher education needed. The average person is bound to end up with thousands in debt.

So, I am advocating for the average. We may be mediocre going at the normal pace, but I tell ya, we have personality. We will live longer because we don’t say up till 3 every day doing homework. Just like Vince Vahn in Dodge ball on the Average Joe team. We will win in spirit and maybe come out equal in the end. Just wait.