June 30, 2005

English Grammar

Ever in a fix in choosing the right word / phrase ?? Well, I was. Brush up your grammar, learn a few rules and find definitions.


Grammar FAQ

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A list of links for puzzles / riddles - for fun and for interviews.

Wu's riddles

Enlight forums
Also check out the other threads in this forum.

Tech Interview Puzzles

This actually is a test. The Google Labs Aptitute Test, GLAT

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Tutorials etc.

Here you can find a few tutorials, online books, articles, new technology descriptions etc.

An A-Z Index of the Windows NT/XP command line

Java Servlet Programming

Topcoder tutorials

Oracle books

WEB related tutorials

Web Page Development

More WEB related tutorials

Learn Bengali

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Online scripts

I shall post here a few links where you can get scripts for different apps. in different languages.

Hot Scripts

Form effects

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Cool Apps

Find some cool server-side apps at this site.

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