Assignment #7


Final idea selection!

After narrowing my ideas down to the top 5, it is now time to select the one to be pitched on Tuesday.

I started by making a Pugh Chart to help analyze the ideas. I selected the vibrating shovel as a base idea. It was always a favorite of mine early on, but I have become less excited about the idea as the semester has progressed.


I was not surprised to see the heated sidewalk score so low. It has been done before so many times, and energy concerns with the solar panel had been making me re-think that idea. The car window cover is obviously feasible, but it exists in so many variations that I feel it is not worth pursuing. The snow fort block mold shovel is an interesting idea, but I feel that getting people to actually use the thing would be a bit difficult, when there are easier-to-use products that specialize in one area or the other. This leaves me to select the igloo mold as my final product, as I have not found anything remotely similar on the market, nor was I able to find any patents on the idea. I believe that it would be feasible, given that there are large inflatable structures that can hold upwards of 1000 pounds of kids climbing all over them. I believe that given the right materials and a decent pump, the igloo mold would be able to withstand the pressure of snow on top of it. By pouring water over the snow once it is on the mold, the resulting structure should be very stable and resistant to collapse. The inflatable material would also make it cheap to manufacture and easy to store. For these reasons, I believe it to be the most suitable product for continuation.

With that, I give you the Easy Igloo

Elevator Pitch
Here is a video of my elevator pitch.


Hello Austin!

I think your product idea is great!
My only comment about your elevator pitch is think about starting you pitch with your research finding and then introduce your product as a result of those finding. You can start by talking about the limitations of the market and patents search..
I think that by doing this it would sound less like a commercial introduction of the product.


Pouring water over the snow might be a tricky and time consuming process. Too much water, uneven coverage/missed spots, and the fact that the parents would likely have to take care of this portion, possibly with a ladder depending on the height, are concerns you might consider. How structurally stable is the igloo if the user is only relying on the naturally fallen snow? A warming and cooling process might be implementable, too. Perhaps the mold can heat on its surface after the snow has fallen and before it is removed, or it could cycle warm air through a heating coil in the pump with a timing mechanism that allows for the proper amount of time to create an ice shell. With these, it might be necessary to rely on an extension chord connected to an exterior outlet of a house to power the heating and pump mechanisms.
Also, what is the mold made of/how is it textured so that the snow will not want to slide from it?

Your pitch (the real one) was very good. You opened with the reference to the previous presenter and got everyone laughing, and you presented your concept clearly.

One point of concern is about removing the inflatable mold from the igloo. I can't help but feel that the snow would not be able to support itself after the mold is removed. And, as the other commenter said, relying on fallen snow seems a bit questionable. I think marketing it as something that kids can pack snow onto would make more sense. The fallen snow would have to be packed anyway to make it stick.

Overall, a good idea and a good presentation.

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