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Nickelodeon to Sponsor MOA's Park

The Mall of America received new corporate sponsorship for their amusement park Wednesday when mall officials signed a deal with cable TV giant, Nickelodeon.

The story ran in the Star Tribune and was written by Chris Serres. The story reported that the Mall of America and Nickelodeon reached a deal to replace the former Camp Snoopy with all sorts of Nickelodeon characters. The story also reported that there are already plans for a new upside down rollercoaster in the mall. This story reported that a free fall ride was also possibly in the mall’s future. I think the hardest thing about this story was getting adequate information about the signing to make the story really interesting. This story didn’t have a lot of information and there were no quotes. I thought that this was a little odd and gave the story an uneasy feeling. It was really more of a brief than anything else. I found that the majority of the news was present in the lead.

It's official. The Mall of America is teaming up with Nickelodeon to be the face of its amusement park formerly known as Camp Snoopy.

I felt that this lead pretty much told me everything that I needed to know about the story.

The Pioneer Press also ran a story about the signing. The story was written by Gita Sitaramiah and reported much of the same information as the Serres version. The lead in this version was a little different and shared a similar feature feeling as the Serres version.

The Mall of America's theme park will be recreated with a Nickelodeon theme starting next year and one new upside down roller coaster is already planned.

This lead elected to put in some of the new plans for the park in the first graph. I thought this might have been a little unnecessary because I didn’t really need to know what the plans were for the park.

I guess all in all these stories were too similar to really develop too much of an opinion. I thought that the Sitaramiah version really put some unnecessary information in the lead and that bothered me a little, so on that note I would say that I preferred the Serres version. Both versions lacked quotes and that bothered me so they both had things to work on.