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Skier Dies After Crashing Into Tree At Lutsen

A Silver Bay, Minn., man died Thursday after colliding with a tree at Lutsen Mountain ski resort Cook County police said Friday.

The article in the Star Tribune, written by the Associated Press, reported that William “Bill� Jordan, 61, died after he struck a tree on Moose Mountain at the Lutsen ski resort. The story reported that Ski Patrol found Jordan unconscious and not breathing around 11:30. Jordan was taken to Cook County North Shore Hospital and pronounced dead there, according to the article. The story reported that the incident was still under investigation. I think that this fact is the biggest challenge with this story. While the incident is under investigation there may not be much information given to the media and therefore the story could be hard to write. This was a very short article most likely because there wasn’t very much information to report as of yet.

The Associated Press story was also printed in the Pioneer Press. Both stories were the same which I believe can be attributed to the lack of information that was available. This was certainly a newsworthy event and deserved some coverage but without the information the reporter(s) most likely had their hands tied trying to get any potential leads or sources.

Due to the fact that these stories were the exact same I can’t say that either one of them were better or worse than the other. I will say this though, I feel that the reporter did a very good job reporting the facts that he/she might have had and I understand that the story was limited by the information that was released to the public and the media. I did appreciate that the story was written because I thought that it had some news value and was an interesting story. Overall, the story was what it was because of the nature of the ongoing investigation and that must be understood in order to judge this story on its value.

It is also important to note that three other news outlets in the area also reported the incident in the same fashion with the same version of the story.