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Man Shot on Metro Transit Bus

A local Minnesota man is in critical condition after being shot Thursday night on a Metro Transit bus in north Minneapolis.

The story that ran in the Star Tribune, written by Terry Collins, reported that a man named Cleveland Montgomery was shot on a north Minneapolis bus for unknown reasons and he remained in critical condition. The story reported that the No. 5 bus is one of the busiest of all Metro Transit routes.

I think the biggest issue with this story is reporting all of the limited information that was available. In this story not much was known at the time of the incident and there still isn’t much known.

There was another story that ran in the Pioneer Press about the shooting. This story was written by Nancy Yang. This story was simply too short to be even called a story. It reported that a man was shot and that was about all that this story would verify. This story simply claimed that information wasn’t available and that not much was known.

The Yang version was pointless and disinteresting. Therefore, the Collins version was the only acceptable story. Collins made efforts to get information and made efforts to quote sources for information. The Collins was the only acceptable story.