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Gopher Football Players Arrested; Suspected of Rape

Three University of Minnesota football players were arrested Friday in association with an assault case that University Police officials become aware of on Friday morning.

The story ran in the Star Tribune and was written by Chip Scoggins and Tom Ford. This story reported that the students arrest comes just prior to the Gopher Football spring game.

The Gophers football spring game scheduled for today has been marred by news late Friday night that three players were taken into custody by university police investigating a complaint of criminal sexual conduct.

The story reported that the three student-athletes involved were E.J. Jones, Keith Massey, and Alex Daniels. The story said that both head Coach Tim Brewster and athletic director Joel Maturi were disappointed with the situation and were suspending the players pending the results of the investigation. The story also detailed the circumstances that brought about the investigations.

The nature of the incident and where it happened were unclear late Friday. An 18-year-old woman came to the university police headquarters early Friday morning to report she had been assaulted, said university spokesman Dan Wolter.
According to a police report, the woman reported the incident happened between late Tuesday night and about 9 a.m. Wednesday. She was taken to a hospital for examination, and she was provided services from victim advocates, the report said. It was unknown whether she is a university student.

I feel like the biggest issue with this story is getting as much information as possible when the police and the university are not willing or not able to divulge much about the case. I think that the writers had to work hard to get the information that they did because as the story reported Tim Brewster was not returning calls to his cell phone and I can’t imagine that AD Joel Maturi was all too cooperative either.

A second story ran in the Pioneer Press and was written by Tad Vezner, Marcus R. Fuller, and Charley Walters. This story reported much of the same information as the Scoggins and Ford version. However, this version was much less forgiving about the actions of the athletes in the lead.

Three University of Minnesota football players were arrested Friday on suspicion of raping an 18-year-old woman, University of Minnesota police said.

Much of the quotes used in this story were the same as the Scoggins and Ford version.

Both of these stories were informative and interesting. I felt like the similarities that both of these stories shared made them difficult to differentiate. Both of these stories were forced to rely on the same quotes which contributed to s sense of sameness. I felt like the Scoggins and Ford version was slightly better written and was just a little more easy to read. Now, both of these stories were successful in achieving what they intended to achieve. Both were nice to read but I thought that the Scoggins and Ford version was slightly better.