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Orphanage Fire Kills Five

A fire in a Bosnian orphanage killed five babies and injuring 18 others as the fire tore through the building early Sunday morning.

The story that ran in the New York Times was written by the Associated Press. The story reported that the Bosnian orphanage was nearly totally destroyed by a fast moving fire that claimed five lives.

The blaze broke out on the third floor of the Ljubica Ivezic orphanage in downtown Sarajevo around 6 a.m. and rapidly spread to three rooms where the babies were sleeping, according to the Sarajevo fire brigade.

The story reported that many of the victims were young babies and that one nurse received burns to her hands and face while attempting to rescue the children. The story reported that the extent of the fire was not as critical as had been thought and that some of the building remained intact.

The orphanage was evacuated and its officials declined to comment. Some children were to return later to wings of the large building that were not affected by the fire, Champara said.

I think that the biggest issue with this story is getting enough information to make the story newsworthy internationally and getting enough voice to get American readers to read the story. I felt like this story wasn’t a really good example of a good international story because it was too bland.

A second and much briefer version ran in the San Francisco Chronicle also written by the Associated Press. This story was much more condensed and told very much the same story as the previous version. It said that 23 babies were injured and one nurse was also injured. This story did, however, report more information about how the firefighters responded to the blaze.

Firefighters said the flames raced through the building so quickly that even though they extinguished the blaze in around 10 minutes they were not fast enough to save all of the children.

Both of these stories were pretty brief but did have very relevant information. In some cases I would have preferred a longer story but these were acceptable for the type of event that this story was. I think that the first version from the New York Times was slightly more interesting to read and I preferred this version.