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Teen Killed On Metro Transit Ride

A 16-year-old St. Paul boy was shot and killed on a Metro Transit bus early Sunday morning after an altercation with other passengers.

The story that ran in the Star Tribune was written as a staff report. The report claimed that the boy was involved in an altercation with another group of young people at about 12:20 a.m. today. According to the report the boy was shot in the chest.

A young man then reached through a rear access in the bus and fired a pistol, hitting the victim in the chest and killing him, police said.

The report did give information about the description of the suspect.

The suspect is described as an African American male, 16 to 18 years old, 5-feet-6 to 5-feet-8 inches tall, with a slender build. He was wearing a white tee shirt and dark baggy pants, police said.

The report gave information about how to contact police who are in the middle of an on-going investigation.

I think that the biggest issue with this story is finding enough information to make the story relevant without sounding too boring and sounding like you're just repeating the police report. I think that this version had some difficulty with this issue because there just wasn't much information available at the time of the article.

A second story ran in the Pioneer Press by The Associated Press. This story lacked any really relevant information. The time of the shooting was not given. The only information about the shooting was that it happened through the rear access door of the bus and that it happened at the corner of Fifth and Sibley streets.

I was extremely disappointed with the Pioneer Press for letting a foreign news service get the jump on a story that should have been theirs. There is no way that the Pioneer Press should have run such a vague and useless article from the Associated Press. Anyone could have written that story. It looked as if the only thing that the writer did was to read the police report. The Star Tribune article looked as if someone might have actually thought about. For the most part I felt that the Star Tribune article was better and that despite the fact that it lacked many key pieces of information, which may have not been released yet, was rather informative. I appreciated that the Star Tribune didn’t outsource their coverage of the story to the Associated Press.