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Vikings Take Peterson With First Round Selection

With the seventh overall selection in the 2007 NFL draft on Saturday the Minnesota Vikings selected University of Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson.

The story that ran in the Pioneer Press was written by Jon Krawczynski. The story reported that despite a collar bone that was still on the mend the Minnesota Vikings selected Adrian Peterson to back up starter Chester Taylor. The story reported the reaction of Vikings’ Head Coach Brad Childress.

"We're obviously elated to have this guy," coach Brad Childress said. "He is an explosive football player that can take it to the house every time from any point on the football field. He has that kind of speed and ability."

With talented Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn still remaining at the No. 7 selection some fans expressed sympathies that would have preferred seeing Quinn holding up a Vikings jersey rather than the Cleveland Browns jersey he sported later on in the morning.

The Vikings passed on Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn to select Peterson, apparently comfortable going into next season with second-year QB Tarvaris Jackson and inexperienced veteran Brooks Bollinger competing for the job.

I think that the biggest issue with this story is making the story interesting to people who may have already heard about the pick either on TV or on the radio. I think that the issue is also relating the event to the broader NFL draft issues of day one. I think that this story did a good job making the story interesting and keeping the story brief in order to keep a broader audience interested.

A second version of a very similar story ran in the Star Tribune and was written by Kevin Seifert. This story began by also reporting the depth at the No. 7 position and how the Vikings had a tough decision between Quinn and Peterson. The story also reported a brief reaction by Childress about Peterson.

Ultimately, the Vikings turned down an offer to move into Washington's No. 6 spot and take Landry. They passed on Quinn, who plummeted to the No. 22 overall spot, and celebrated the arrival of Peterson -- arguably the draft's top offensive playmaker whom coach Brad Childress called a "bright-eyed, electric kid."

This story like the first detailed the injury history of Peterson’s collar bone and the issues that the Vikings may have in the future with this injury.

The Vikings set their sights on Peterson after his quiet April 13 visit to Winter Park. They X-rayed and examined his much-discussed right collarbone, which might need additional surgery, and received a glowing endorsement from running backs coach Eric Bieniemy, who once recruited him as a UCLA assistant coach.
Peterson's collarbone, originally broken last October, ballooned into a national story last week when Peterson acknowledged he had re-injured it Jan. 1 during the Fiesta Bowl. Rick Spielman, Vikings vice president of player personnel, said last Wednesday on KFAN-1130 that there was a "rumor" that Peterson needed surgery to correct the injury.

These stories both shared the same goals in writing and I felt like both of them met their goals, however, I felt like the Seifert version was much more detailed and interesting. While the Seifert version got a little long I still found the reporting more profound. The Krawczynski version was fine to read but I felt like Seifert did a better job covering the event and all of the issues surrounding the selection of Peterson.