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Orchestra Hall Gets a Face Lift

The board of the Minnesota Orchestra approved a $90 million renovation to Orchestra Hall on Monday to rejuvenate the building.

The story that ran in the Star Tribune was written by Michael Anthony. This story reported that the target date for the project was still in the future but that dates had been set to get the project done.

The project, slated to begin in 2009 and open in 2011, will include: expansion of the lobby onto Peavey Plaza adjacent to the hall; construction of a restaurant on the plaza and additional facilities to make the plaza more amenable to outdoor concerts; and installation of new seats, including 150 around the back of the stage.

The story reported that no architect had been selected at this point yet and that the hall would try to remain open during most phases of the reconstruction. The story did report where most of the funding for the project would come from.

Funding for the project, Grangaard said, would come mostly from private donations. Some money has already been raised, he said.

The story reported how much of a success the building was initially heralded to be but how the lobby space was thought to be insufficient and inadequate. The liability of the lobby was a driving force in the renovation. The story did report some of the renovations that will be taking place in the hall.

A new choral loft will be added behind the stage, where the extra 150 seats will offer a front view of the conductor. This addition will push the stage forward, closer to the audience.

I feel like the biggest issue with this story is making it relevant and interesting to the reader because at this point nothing has started and nothing will start for a fairly long time. They haven’t even chosen an architect to work on the project. This story doesn’t really seem to have any timeliness newsworthiness but it did have some proximity news value because we do live near Orchestra Hall. If it weren’t for this I feel like the story would be a total waste.

A second version of the story ran in the Pioneer Press and was written by Kathy Berdan. I felt like reading this story actually made me dumber. This story was listed on the top of the Pioneer Press’ big news of the day. It turns out that this story could have been compiled by a moderately trained monkey. I couldn’t believe that this story was even given room on the web site. The only information that this story reported was that a $90 million renovation had been approved and then it detailed where and how the renovations might occur. This story was a complete was of the Pioneer Press’ and my time.

As discussed above the Berdan article, if you can really call it that, was a waste of everyone’s time. There is no way that that type of story should be placed anywhere either in print or online. This story was an embarrassment to anything that has been called a story before it. Therefore, the Star Tribune version was better because it actually succeeded in looking like a human being might have written it.