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Queen Visits The States

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, was on hand in Richmond, Va., on Thursday to celebrate the settlement at Jamestown.

The story reported in the New York Times was written by Ian Urbina. This story reported that many people came to see the queen for many different reasons. The story reported the number of people that were present at the Virginia capitol on Thursday to see the queen.

They watched for different things as thousands gathered around the Capitol here under rainy skies with hopes of glimpsing Queen Elizabeth II on her first visit to the United States in more than 15 years. Her husband, Prince Philip, is accompanying her on the six-day trip.

There was another more broad social reason for the queen’s presence in Virginia on Thursday. This story reported what that broad social issue was.

In February, Virginia became the first state to pass a resolution expressing official regret for slavery. In recent weeks, some scholars and minorities had asked whether the queen would consider making a formal apology for Britain’s role in slavery and the way early English settlers mistreated the Indians.

The story reported that the queen has a very busy schedule and has a lot of things that she wants to accomplish before she returns to England.

Before her speech, the queen met representatives from eight Indian tribes in Virginia. She also planned to meet with Oliver W. Hill Sr., a 100-year-old civil rights lawyer whose litigation helped lead to the 1954 Supreme Court decision to end racial segregation in public schools.

I think that the biggest issue behind this story is deciphering why this story is important and deciding whether or not people should know about the issue. In some cases I feel like some information could be left out of the public’s knowledge in order to maintain safety and integrity.

A second version of the story ran in the Dallas Morning News and was written by the Associated Press. This story was essentially a long brief that simply reported all of the key information about the story. This story reported in the lead the issues that brought the queen to the United States.

Queen Elizabeth II arrived Thursday for the commemoration of Jamestown's 400th anniversary and praised the cultural changes that have occurred since she last visited America's first permanent English settlement 50 years ago.

This version of the story reported the historical significance of the last time that the queen came to the state of Virginia and reported why she was there at the time.

The last time the queen helped Virginia mark the anniversary of its colonial founding, it was an all-white affair in a state whose government was in open defiance of a 1954 Supreme Court order to desegregate public schools.

I felt like the brief version was nice to read but that I still lacked some of the key pieces of information. I felt like there could have been more in the briefs version of the story. I think that because the briefs version was so shoddy that the Urbina version was a necessary evil. I didn’t particularly like the idea that this type of story could be written in such a quick and concise way without many quotes or sources. Overall, I preferred the Urbina version because it felt more extensive and detailed.