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Ahhh yes the powerpoint......

One of the most important things about a presentation or documentation is how its presented. There are numerous ways to present information some of them are better than others. It really depends on what kind of information you are presenting. A general way of presenting information that most people get to experience at some point in their high school or college years is the infamous powerpoint. Powerpoint is a very simple and effective way of presenting almost anything. However everyone knows of powerpoint and can see it is an easy way-out. So there are other types of ways of presenting things as well. For example there is the classic way of presenting information from a large chart or poster board which is often associated with business presentations. Another form of presentation is through a video. This way is usually pretty affective because it easily keeps the attention of people watching it (unless of course the video is really boring). Providing additional support is a good way to keep the attention of peoples whom are being presented to for example playing music. Other than directly presenting information it can also be indirectly presented, that is to turn something in instead of literally speaking to an audience. Powerpoints can also be done this way. It can be made and either presented or just watched without any voice by a single person. Turning in a booklet or a binder of information is a good way to present certain things. This is often what architects due when they enter a contest or are presenting an idea. I have even had experience making a portfolio which is a great way to present your documented information.55783026.jpg