October 6, 2008

Wrap Up

This old dog learned some new tricks! I may still hunt and peck the keys on the keyboard, but, now there is a bit more knowledge at my fingertips! I truly feel comfortable using RSS feeds, setting up and searching for information in a more effective manner. Most of all, I don't feel so......STUPID! I appreciate the fact that I can follow along in techie conversations and that some of my collegues and I are going to UMConnect to chat and I hope to use the online meetings as a more efficient way to receive/send info.

I would definately take another course, bring it on!

Thank you Amy, for sharing your knowledge! Good Job!


October 1, 2008

Week 10 UMConnect

UMConnect felt very modern to use. I could see where this is a good way to host meetings that are not all dayers. It was very easy to manipulate and the "controls" were easy to find and apply. It didn't feel "cold" or impersonal. I would prefer to attend certain meeting this way...then you aren't hearing the "pen-clicker" sitting next to you :)

Great resource. I shall host an event on UmConnect one day...thanks for the info.


September 26, 2008

Week 9: Communication

I was a bit apprehensive about twitter...(Just another new thing I feel out of touch with...:) ) BUT, I feel that twitter is an equal match to how my brain processes my thoughts...fast and furious...have you ever wanted to reach out to a friend/coworker with a "Eureka!" moment and not be by a computer or contact list to get the message to them? I have....

I may actually try and "tweet", this is the most amazing tool you have introduced yet! I think Twitter has some realtime application for work settings...it would keep everyone in the loop with the same information (although...each staff would need to be wired up for it) It could be used on a portal site for a Q and A place....

UMCHat is a good tool, I haven't found many coharts to hook up with though...how about at Extension trainings you set up accounts for everyone? Make it mandatory to know how to use the tool...MwaHAhahahaha....(did I stetch that too much :) )

Week 8 Social Sites

I am a faceboker, albeit recently, what a fun social tool (I like the old version better). I have been in contact with so many friends and coworkers from my past, so far...so great!

I think facebook would be a great place for cowokers to all be "hooked in" to eachother, easy to share websites, information, announcements...etc. It may make us not feel so lonely ( IN the Nutrition program, we NEA's see the other Nea's in our region, 1x a month. This could also cut down on phone bill $$.

I joined Linked in and found 2 people so far, I didn't have a large amount of time to figure out where they may be so, for now atleast I tried it. There are SO MANY things on the web to access people, I am always amazed at the advances that have been made...and how people (like you :) ) find the sites in the first place! Jodi

Week 7: Productivity sites

UMCal, the time organizer for us all......I have worked in extension for a year now and Ucal used to frustrate me a bit. I have always appreciated the magnitude of it's purpose, setting up meetings keeping me where I am supposed to be. UCal is great!

My husband and I have a 'fake" Microsoft office on our home computer. We were amazed at how similar the applications like word and Excel and so on are very user friendly. It was a free dowload also....our children use it, we use it for our "Home" management.

I like slideshare, I could see this as a great tool to keep workers informed wothout having to drive so much.
Any "tools " that increase productivity, should be utilized more with Extension. Thanks for the sites.. Jodi

Week 6 Wikkis

There are some Wikkis throuhgout extension in the Nutrition Program, I am familiar with the Moorhead site. I tried wikkipedia for the first time thanks to this class. I wasn't too trustworthy of info on there because anyone and their brother can edit it, but, it seems to be working out alright! There is a science wikki set up like the wikkipedia, I can't remember the name though..I am going to find it and use it.

My favorite site was wookiepedia...what a hoot! Star wars fans think of eveything don't they?


Week 5 Podcasts and Audio

I liste to podcasts on my Ipod, not too often but I have experienced this application before. If I had speakers on my computer at work I would keep the NPR podcasts a goin' all day. This seems to be a pretty, user friendly bit of technology.

Maybe we should podcast meetings and things to cut down on meeting mileage??


Week 4 Images and Photos

I like flicker, I struggle with how to get my photos from my computer to the sites, so, I have been messing around to get better. This is a great way to share photos with friends and family who you don't see very much.

I get a little paranoid about publishing photos on a public site, and I feel like somehow the site will access my computer for other data. Do you find this to be a issue?


Week 3 RSS

I loved the NPR sites and have added numerous feeds to my Yahoo! page. I also created a bloglines account and have numerous feeds there also. I like how RSS enables me to "Clump" all of my info hotspots in one location for me. I am feeling pretty saavy.

Good topics in this class...


Week 2 Blogs

I would say I have been in a blog "fog", I am getting used to how the course works and I am enjoying each of the sections so far. Although you may not know that! I am actually on week 7 and have been blogging somewhere else! We may never know....

The only way to learn is make mistakes right?


August 5, 2008


Kudos to whomever created this course! I'm an "old dog" and I'm excited to learn these technology "tricks". Have a groovy day everyone!