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Crist vs. Rubio

Floridian Republicans may have a difficult time choosing who to vote for in this years Senate race. Florida Governor Charlie Crist, and Florida's speaker of the house Marco Rubio are both running on the Republican ticket, but have considerably different political views.

Crist is considered to be a moderate Republican. According to Time, he has kept his approval ratings high by governing from the middle.

"He has stocked his administration with Democrats, appointed a fairly liberal African-American Democrat to the state supreme court, expanded voting rights for felons, crusaded against global warming and enthusiastically supported President Obama's stimulus package," Time reports. All of these are considered to be liberal ideals for a Republican. Many Floridian Republicans believe this is a shift toward a more bi-partisan government, which is a draw for many people.

Rubio believes in governing differently.

"He electrified the crowds with eloquent arguments for tea-party principles," Time says. "He attacked deficits in general and the stimulus in particular as Euro-socialist assaults on his kids. He clamored for term limits, states' rights and the abolition of the estate tax. He attacked government-run health care, warned that cap and trade would leave us with a "Third World economy," and noted that the words "separation of church and state" were nowhere in our founding documents." These are all considered Conservative ideals which resounds well with many right wing constituents.

As of now, polls show Crist with a strong lead in the polls, but time will tell whether Floridians want a more traditionally conservative government, or if there will be a shift toward bi-partisanship.

Mennonite Family Dies in Crash

The majority of a Mennonite Family died in a car crash Saturday. Of the 13 people in the crash, the only survivors were two young boys ages 3 and 5.

Their parents, John and Sadie Esh were driving with thier children, Johnny, Josiah, Anna, Rose, Rachel, Jalen and Leroy. Also in the car was family friend Ashley Kramer, and Rachel's fiancé, Joel Gingerich. The only survivors were Johnny and Josiah, who were adopted into the family from Guatemala.

A tractor trailer broke through a median on a Kentucky highway Saturday and collided with the Esh's van head on. After the collision, the truck crashed into a rock barrier and burst into flames. The driver of the truck died in the crash as well.

Officials believe that the only reason the two young boys survived was because of the quality of their car seats. After the crash, the bench seat that the car seats were fastened to was still intact on the road.

John and Sadie Esh were active members of their Beachy Mennonite Church in Kentucky. The Beachy Mennonite religion believes that entry into heaven is immediate and assured for their followers, so many of the Esh's fellow parishioners considered the crash to be both a joyous and sad occasion.

Harry Reid's Wife and Daughter in Crash

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's wife, Landra Reid, needed surgery for a broken back, neck, and nose after being hit by a tractor-trailer Thursday morning according to MSNBC News.

Originally on Thursday, Mrs. Reid was thought not to need surgery, but was taken in on Friday and listed in Critical Condition until her surgery.

CNN reports that since the surgery Mrs. Reid has been able to get out of bed, manage her pain and swallow some. The risk of her paralysis has passed. Mrs. Reid is expected to be released from the hospital in a few days, after completing some physical therapy.

Reid's daughter Lana Barriger, was also treated for a neck injury and facial lacerations, but did not require surgery and was released later Thursday evening.

The driver of the trailer tractor, Alan Snader of Ohio, was charged with reckless driving, but was not injured according to MSNBC News.

The wreck occurred in suburban Virginia on Interstate 95 in Fairfax County at 1:10 in the afternoon.

Harry Reid D-Nev. has visited Mrs. Reid on numerous occasions since the accident, and states that he hopes she recovers quickly, but says his position on the healthcare bill has not changed, reports CNN News.

MSNBC News reports that Senator and Mrs. Reid met in High School in Nevada, and were married in 1959. The two have 4 children and 16 grandchildren.

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