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Upcoming Workshops at the University Libraries

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Workshops at the University of Minnesota are free and open to all students faculty and staff. Here are some very interesting workshops being offered this semester:

Create your Poster in PowerPoint

Getting ready to do a poster at an upcoming conference? Learn pointers about using PowerPoint to create the poster as one giant slide, and send it to a large-scale printer. Click here to register.

Designing Effective Library Research Assignments

Do your students have trouble selecting appropriate sources? Do they too often rely on Google and Wikipedia? Learn strategies to design engaging library research assignments. Discuss assumptions faculty make about students skills and challenges students face when using the library. Click here to register

Grant & Fellowship Information in the Social Sciences

Whether you are doing research on trends in research funding or hoping to apply for funding for new projects, the Libraries have wonderful tools to help you. Learn how to use IRIS, SPIN, and Community of Science and the Foundation Directory to search for grant opportunities. Setting up e-mail updates on specific subjects will also be covered, as well as how to find internal U of M funding sources.

This workshop is targeted specifically to those in the social sciences and education.

Resources for the course are listed on the Web site of the Office of the VP for Research, http://www.research.umn.edu/opportunities/
Click here to register

Google for Researchers

With Google, you already search the web, share photos/movies/music, map directions and discover new things...but there are some tools you may have missed. This web search engine is on a mission to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible." So let's explore the new tools and technology that pair Google-efficient tools with library-quality results to weave together a rich information web that goes beyond just the World Wide Web.

We'll look at tools such as, Google Docs, RSS Reader, Google Scholar, and iGoogle Research Gadgets that will help you access, evaluate, and share information in an easy collaborate environment. Click here to register


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