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New Gale Virtual Reference Titles Available

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Gale Virtual Reference titles:

Biographical Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East & North Africa
Dictionary of Women Worldwide: 25,000 Women Through the Ages
Encyclopedia of management
New encyclopedia of Africa
Comparative guide to American suburbs
Religious Right: A Reference Handbook
Value of a Dollar: Prices & Incomes in the United States
Working Americans series
Worldmark encyclopedia of cultures and daily life
Worldmark encyclopedia of the nations
American environmental leaders
Countries of the world and their leaders yearbook 2010
Iran Today: An Encyclopedia of Life in the Islamic Republic
Battleground: Environment
Foodways and Folklore: A Handbook

NOTE: Due to vendor licensing restrictions, access to many of the Libraries' databases and other electronic resources from outside a University library (e.g., from home or office) is limited to current students (in credit-earning courses), staff, and faculty at the University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities. This is a non-negotiable part of the contracts we sign (and there are no fee-for-access options for persons not affiliated with the University).

Members of the public, however, are welcome to use the U of M Libraries' electronic resources "on-site". We have structured our licensing agreements with database providers to make this possible. The public is also welcome in our libraries for use of on-site collections and most facilities. One does not need a card or pass to enter and use the Libraries. A list of campus libraries and their locations can be accessed at:


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