Joseph Boyden

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Joseph Boyden is a 2008 Giller Prize winner for Through the Black Spruce. He has also authored the critically acclaimed novel Three Day Road. Boyden is a writer in Residence at the University of New Orleans. He is a native of Ontario. To learn more about Joseph Boyden visit his official homepage:

Boyden will be at the University of Minnesota on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 4pm in 330 Science Teaching & Student Services Building. This event is sponsored by the University of Minnesota Office of Equity and Diversity, and the Department of American Indian Studies - College of Liberal Arts.

The University of Minnesota Libraries own both of Joseph Boyden's novels. You can find information by going to the Libraries' website or click on this bundle.

Further readings by and about Boyden are available through the University Libraries'*. A few are listed here:

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*NOTE: Due to vendor licensing restrictions, access to many of the Libraries' databases and other electronic resources from outside a University library (e.g., from home or office) is limited to current students (in credit-earning courses), staff, and faculty at the University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities. This is a non-negotiable part of the contracts we sign (and there are no fee-for-access options for persons not affiliated with the University).

Members of the public, however, are welcome to use the U of M Libraries' electronic resources "on-site". We have structured our licensing agreements with database providers to make this possible. The public is also welcome in our libraries for use of on-site collections and most facilities. One does not need a card or pass to enter and use the Libraries. A list of campus libraries and their locations can be accessed at:

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