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Fall semester is coming up soon. I would like to take this opportunity to remind the Department of American Indian Studies faculty, instructors and staff of the resources available from the University Libraries.

At the University Libraries we are committed to supporting instructors and students in the research process. Subject librarians work with instructors to provide access to course readings, design student research assignments, and plan and teach session on the use of library databases and effective academic research strategies.

American Indian Studies Librarian

View the guide: Improving Student Research: A Faculty/Instructor Guide (PDF)

Here are examples of ways I can support your teaching and learning:

Assignment Consultation

Get advice on assignments that help students learn to research more effectively, get suggestions on resources that are available to support your course projects, or work with me to teach a session(s) to support a specific assignment.

Library Course Page and Online Course Support (Moodle, Webvista, etc.)

I can customize a web page of library resources to support an assignment, course or program. Some faculty also add librarians as instructors in their course website (e.g. Moodle, WebVista) to support student research. I can also advise on readings, images, video and other media to enrich your online course website.

Guide on posting links to articles in Moodle and other course sites

Library Workshops and Course-integrated Instruction

Arrange for a customized library workshop designed with your particular assignment in mind. The large libraries have computer labs for hands-on workshops, but I can also come to your computer lab or classroom. The Libraries also offer free workshops for students, staff, and faculty. Faculty or instructors can require (or encourage) their students to attend particular workshops or include the link to one of our online workshops, guide or tutorials in your course site.

First Year Writing

The University Libraries, in partnership with the First Year Writing program, have developed workshops and tutorials to provide an introduction to the University Libraries designed for first year students. This series is called Intro to Library Research (formerly known as Unravel the Library) and is available to anyone interested in learning more about the University Libraries and academic research.

Archives and Special Collections

The University Libraries hold millions of unique materials that provide high-quality learning experience for students. You can arrange a customized presentation, based on your course topics and on original primary sources (artifacts, letters, images, personal papers, etc.), to introduce undergraduate and graduate students to original research. Learn more.

Media and Student Created Media

The Libraries offer a variety of support on using and creating media for instructors and students. For example, we can help with integrating media into your course including reserving a video or consultant on assignment or projects and support students in creating media such as videos (equipment check out, production software, etc.)


Plagiarism is a complex issue. I can help develop assignments and lessons to ensure students understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

Libraries Exhibits and Events

Take advantage of our ongoing exhibits and lectures by incorporating them into your courses.


Tours of the library or collections that your students will be using most frequently are a way to increase students' comfort levels with the library and introduce them to the lay-out and services of the Libraries.

Faculty Seminars

The libraries offer consultations, workshops and seminars about methods to incorporate the libraries and our collections into assignment and strategies to improve student research. Learn more about our recent faculty seminar.

Next Steps

Contact me Jody Gray ( (612)624-9913

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