Indian Territory Records Digitized and Searchable

From Indian Country Today Media Network

"To make searching for historical documents easier the Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS) and the Oklahoma Secretary of State's Office partnered to digitize and index Oklahoma and Indian Territories incorporation records."

This database includes "transactions for churches and lodges and private business as well as the larger banks and coals and, of course, oil companies" and could be a valuable tool for researchers studying a wide variety of subjects including American Indian History.  The article linked to above provides an example of using this database to track down a researcher's relatives.

"If you had people pre-statehood Oklahoma, take a look. You might find information on a church or a lodge they were a member-or, if you're related to a mover and shaker, perhaps even the incorporation papers for their oil and/or gas company." (Debra Spindle, Oklahoma Historical Society Research Librarian)

Search the Oklahoma and Indian Territory incorporation records.

Writer: Devyn Goetsch


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