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White Privilege Conference Save the Date

The 15th Annual White Privilege Conference will be held in Madison, WI on March 26-29, 2014.


Keeping Our Faculty of Color


In April the University of Minnesota hosted the Keeping Our Faculty of Color Symposium. I was able to attend. There were some really eye opening issues that were discussed in terms of faculty of color. I went to several sessions, but, the thing I think is most useful is this really well done program. Each session has a very in depth abstract and many have bibliographies that go with them. I am posting the program here in case others would like to explore some of these resources.

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Keeping Our Faculty of Color VI Program

Overcoming Racism Conference November 15-16 2013

2013 Overcoming Racism Conference
Overcoming Racism: Truth Telling
November 15 - 16, 2013 at Metropolitan State University
700 E. 7th St., St. Paul MN 55106

Proposal Submissions Deadline is September 2, 2013

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Save the dates and share the flyer! FREC Conference flyer 2013

Social Media and Social Justice


This handout was created by myself and Melissa Kalpin Prescott (Reference Librarian, St. Cloud State University) for a session we did on how to use social media to promote social justice and maintaining your personal identity. The session was held during the Power in Diversity Leadership Conference hosted by St. Cloud State University.


The theme of the 2012 Midwest Culturally Inclusive Conference is "Creating the change we want to see in the world: Sharing our knowledge, truth, tools, and best practices."

The Midwest Culturally Inclusive Conference is a regional conference for business and community leaders, college students and educators - from K-12 teachers and administrators to postsecondary faculty and staff - who want to strengthen diversity throughout the Midwest and work collaboratively towards resolving issues related to equity, diversity, inclusion, representative leadership and advancing professional development opportunities.

The purpose of the conference is to facilitate participants' understanding of the economic and equity implications of diversity in a 21st century global economy, equip participants with skills to uproot discrimination across multiple forms (i.e. gender, class, race, sexual orientation, veterans and disabilities), and foster relationship building between diverse groups to promote inclusive activism.


Thanks to everyone who attended my presentation at ARLD Day. It was a really great audience and I left feeling energized. I'm attaching my Prezi here:

ARLD Day Presentation on Friday


I will be presenting at the MN ARLD Day on Friday, April 27, 2012. Hope some of you can make it.

Equity and Diversity Programming in an Academic Library Setting
with Jody Gray, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

The University of Minnesota Libraries have partnered with the University of Minnesota's Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence to create programming for both the undergraduate students of color and librarians serving those communities. This session will take a practical look at how to begin developing a program for equity and diversity within an academic library setting. The presenter will demonstrate many of the tools used to create a diversity program, from defining diversity to providing educational opportunities for colleagues and students alike, as well as setting priorities and communicating to upper administration. The objective of this session is to provide a sampling of practical tools and exercises in developing a diversity action plan to bring back to your library.

Overcoming Racism


I attended the Third Annual Overcoming Racism Conference on November 8-19, 2011. This conference took place at Metropolitan State University. This conference is organized by a group called Facilitating Racial Equity Collaborative (FREC). FREC is made of diverse organizations with different capacities and individuals active in anti racism work.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Joe R. Feagin. Feagin is a sociologist, scholar and author, currently serving as the Ella C. McFadden Professor of Liberal Arts at Texas A & M University. He produces and maintains RacismReview online. He recently authored the book The White Racial Frame: Centuries of Racial Framing and Counter Framing. His keynote was titled The White Racial Frame and Overcoming Racism.

In the keynote, Feagin spoke of some research he and some of his colleagues conducted through interviews and diaries. The research questions were:

  • Do whites of various ages still do much everyday racism?
  • Has the level of white-racist framing commentary, action declined as much as opinion surveys and "post-racial' pundits suggests?
  • Or has significant white-racist framed commentary and action become concentrated in the "social backstage," with less performed in the "social frontstage" because of social pressures to fake being "colorblind."

Feagin shared several excerpts from diaries that showed blatant racism being played out by individual when surrounded by peer groups. The lessons learned is that we are far from a post racial society.

Feagin provided some options for reframing; call out racist acts, teach ourselves and others how to respond to racist actions, create national multiracial organizations that call out racism and teach how to challenge racist actions.

This was a very refreshing conference. I felt that I walked away with some new ideas on how to approach the diversity work that I do.