Chapter 10

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The first major thing that stood out to me in this chapter was its focus on the development of a child from birth and how certain factors play into the child's personality and mindset throughout the persons whole life. It speaks to the genetic factors and also the factors of the child's environment, and then by default goes into discussion of the nature-nuture ideals. It walks the reader through steps such as developing motor skills as a infant too experiencing puberty as a teenager, and how this relates too and effects the human psyche, and eventually gets to the adult stage. It then moves to the cognitive developments of a person, and then too social, moral, and emotional development and factors that shape them. It finishes up with some typical major things adults experience, such as careers and love lives. The quickest and most efficient way to summarize this chapter is probably to simply say developments throughout lives many stages.humangrowthdevelopment.jpg

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