Chapter 6 Learning

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Chapter 6 is mainly about learning. Human beings' reaction towards and perception about real world happenings and phenomenon are all associated with out learning process. In particular, the text laid the ground for learning process by introducing the importance of human being's response to stimuli and how human beings associate stimuli with a particular response. Subsequent sections of this chapter also discusses other mechanisms of learning process such as cognitive thinking and the biological reasons behind human learning behavior.

The textbook's account of the "Little Albert" experiment appeals to one of me personal experience. Once I was talking to my mum about one of my classmates who fears to scream whenever she saw insects, any single kind of them. My mum suddenly asked me, "are you afraid of eruca?" I thought about it for a second and said I would not touch them but I would not scream when I see them either. My mum said, "when you were about 18 months one day you played at the backyard with an eruca in your hand, and apparently you had no idea what it was. I was about to shout or scream to you to let go of it, since it was really gross, before I realized that if I do this you would have a certain kind of phobia. So I just said to you "dear could you put that down? Its mother must be looking for it." Thanks to my mum I am not another "Litter Albert"!

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Chapter 6 is a very important chapter according to me because I like the knowledge about learning, about all the CS, CR, US, UR. Your have really good points and I like it.

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