Chapter 9: Intelligence and IQ Testing

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Growing up in a nation where intelligence was somewhat a measure of ones success can be a bit stressful. On the other hand, how does one measure their intelligence? Do one's grades make them intelligent? Are Asians really that smart? Does an IQ test really mean anything? There are so many questions that people ask in regards to intelligence. While psychologist Edwin Boring defines intelligence as "whatever intelligence tests measure", there are multiple intelligences. Though many people do not know the official term of the model, they are most familiar with the Triarchic Model, as seen below.
Analytical Intelligence deals with the ability to reason logically. It is also known as being "book smart."
Practical Intelligence deals with the ability to solve word problems. It's also affiliated with being "street smart."
Creative Intelligence deal with the ability to think of effective answers to questions, or understanding the cause and effect of something.


Chapter 9 greatly explains the different way of being intelligent and greatly emphasizes the usage of IQ testing. It also talks about the many factors affecting IQ tests, such as race, gender, etc. I thought it was really interesting to see all the different aspects of "intelligence", and reading this chapter really brought about awareness to the subject of matter. I, myself, had always thought that intelligence was associated with one's grades and GPA. What do you associate intelligence with?

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