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Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever dreamed and at the same time know that you're dreaming? If you have, you've probably already experienced lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is being aware that you're dreaming while you're dreaming. I chose this topic because after reading about it I knew and understood what lucid dreaming is; I, myself have experienced it. You'll know you're lucid dreaming when something's not right or something's out of the ordinary, or when something feels too unreal. If you're not sure what I'm talking about or if you would like to learn how to lucid dream, check this video out. I think it's fascinating how our brain is somehow awake and wanders while we are sleeping. Lucid dreaming is amazing because you realize you're dreaming but at the same time you're sleeping so you know you can do anything and everything because you know it's not real; you know that in reality, you're actually in bed and sleeping. Lucid dreaming gives you the possibility of controlling your dreams so it really comes in handy when you're having a nightmare because if you wanted to, you can possibly change the outcome of what's going on in the dream. A question researchers still have about lucid dreaming is whether lucid dreamers are asleep when they're aware of what they're dreaming or whether some people just report that their dreams have a lucid quality after they awaken. What do you think?


This topic that you've chosen is very interesting to me because I've always wondered why and how we dream. I can say myself that I have pretty strange dreams almost every night. I also experienced a lucid dream the other night after reading about it in our textbook. I thought the videos were a good addition to your blog and shows how amazing our brains really are.

I think your topic is very interesting and the video and picture complements your post. I have also had a few lucid dreams before and it continues to fascinate me how our brains are capable of producing these types of experiences that feel so real to us when in reality, we are lying in our beds.

Thats amazing that we have the power to change the outcomes of our dreams if we don’t like them. Being able to change your dreams from nightmares into something much more pleasant could be a very useful tool. It could help children who have night terrors and even adults who have nightmares, this could be a very powerful and good psychological tool for some people.

The video brought up some good points and ideas about lucid dreaming. One of the things that caught my attention was the fact that people can create the outcomes to their dreams and can create things in their dreams. I can't say that I've ever had a lucid dream because as far as I can remember I've always been unaware of what is happening and how illogical the dream is. There have been times when I've woken because something hasn't felt right but I never realized that I was dreaming so this idea is particularly fascinating for me. I can't imagine what could be thought of if we were able to control this part of the body that we've never really been able to control. The only issue that I could possible foresee with this is the fact that the part of the brain in charge of logic is shut down, if we could be sure that this part remains functioning then this could be a powerful tool.

This was very interesting to read because I knew exactly what you were talking about!! I can recall countless times I have been sleeping and dreaming and consciously know I am dreaming. Other times I will wake up and be so happy that my dream was just a dream and not actually reality! I never knew there was a name for dreaming while consciously knowing your awake so I definitely learned something new! Good Job!

This is a very interesting topic for me as well. I have liked hearing other people's experiences or lack of experiences with lucid dreams. It has made me realize I actually have a lot of these when compared with others, but I thought having them often was normal. The topic has also led me to think about how much of our dreams we are actually in control of and on what level. I also wonder about how much meaning these dreams, or even regular dreams have, and how much we can tie them to things going on in our lives.

That's so cool that so many of you have had lucid dreams! I knew it was pretty common, but still, I'm envious of those of you who have them often (it's only happened to me a couple of times).

One theory asserts that lucid dreaming happens when there is more activity than usual in the frontal lobes during REM sleep (your frontal cortex is usually quiescent during REM). So far as I know, nobody has solved the mystery of why this happens, or why it happens to some people more than others!

What a good topic to write about! I've experienced lucid dreams for sure, and it's always such a bizzare experience. It was cool to watch the video and see some more information on the topic to supplement what we read about in our textbooks too. I think it's really neat that even though we know some thing about these dreams, they are still somewhat of a mystery.

This topic has always been super interesting to me ever since my roommate brought it up to me sometime last year. I have never experienced a lucid dream, and have seen some documentaries on dreaming and REM sleep on netflix, and the concept seems absolutely mind blowing to me. "I think it's fascinating how our brain is somehow awake and wanders while we are sleeping." I really like this quote too, because i think it offers a great take on lucid dreaming, the mind "wanders" even when the body does not. It makes you think about all our brain is capable of doing.

I myself have never experienced lucid dreaming... Personally, I don't think I would like it very much! I generally really enjoy my dreams specifically for the fact that something that is really impossible and strange can be so real why you are asleep! I feel that it would kind of ruin the magic of dreaming for me! However, I could see how lucid dreaming could be quite helpful in some situations. I have definitely had dreams that were terrifyingly real and bizarre, those would have been nice to be able to disconnect from! I have read tutorials on how to coerce yourself into lucid dreaming, but have never tried them! Maybe one of these nights I will!

Your points of article are very interested according to me. I had lucid dream twice before and I felt flying in my bedrooms and even can saw my own body lying on the bed. it continues to fascinate me how our brains are capable of producing these types of experiences that feel so real to us when in reality, we are lying in our beds.

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